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The Not So Hidden Messages Behind The Pirates Spring Training Narratives

Each Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training, at least for the first couple of weeks, we get these feel good stories about what players have been up to over the off-season, their goals for the coming year and changes they may have made in their approach; including adjustments in their swing, pitches they’ve added to their repertoireContinue reading “The Not So Hidden Messages Behind The Pirates Spring Training Narratives”

Talent In, With No Accompanying Risk

So what right? What’s another outfielder who hasn’t cracked MLB? Looks like the Pirates are dumpster diving again!

Manipulate This

Chris Lunati, Craig’s co-host, brought up the subject of the now former president of baseball operation for the Seattle Mariners, Kevin Mathers. The man uttered the unspoken words about manipulating the service time of two top prospects.

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