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Manipulate This

Chris Lunati, Craig’s co-host, brought up the subject of the now former president of baseball operation for the Seattle Mariners, Kevin Mathers. The man uttered the unspoken words about manipulating the service time of two top prospects.

How Do You Know You’ve Seen Enough from a Player?

I often hear and read “This guy has to play more, we need to see what we’ve got”. Honestly, insert your player in there for “this guy” because what I’m talking about here is more general.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five 2-22-21

Today is the first full team workout in Bradenton and while more players than you’d think were already there, today it becomes official. It’s exciting every season, no matter what I think the outcome of the season will be, that’s the renewed hope, or at least hope that you see a bit of promise each Spring delivers.

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