Fair Pittsburgh Pirates Coverage – With a Brand-New Address

Welcome to InsideTheBucsBasement.com

First of all, if you’re reading this, chances are you have already followed Craig Toth and my (Gary Morgan) work as we both wrote for InsideThePirates.com an SI Team Channel. Maybe you know Craig from his Bucs in the Basement podcast, no matter what brings you here, welcome and thank you for giving us your attention as we know you have a ton of choices.

So, how did we get here? Well long story short, SI was happy with what we were bringing to the table but had a list of expectations our editor could not meet. Craig and I spent most of last week trying to keep the site alive so we could continue to bring you the coverage and opinions you followed us there for in the first place. It was very difficult to leave unfinished business as Craig hadn’t finished his series “By the Numbers” and I missed a “Friday Focus” for the first time since I launched it.

Our former home may relaunch one day, but we feel it makes a whole lot more sense for us at this time to launch this site and do things our way.

We don’t want to hunt for clicks or meet quotas. We are in this for two things, one, we love writing and talking about baseball, and two, for each other. We are a very nice balance for each other and speaking for myself, Craig makes me a better writer by lending his perspective.

Also, we both felt it was time for Craig’s first love, the podcast, to have a home with his new passion for writing. I’m sure this will lead to me taking up the microphone as well more frequently. Who knows, we can take this whatever direction we choose to steer it.

So that’s what we are, two friends who love baseball and want to call balls and strikes on our favorite baseball team. We’ll call them out when warranted, and when they do things well, we’ll praise them, if that gets us follows or clicks, so be it.

We hope you enjoy what we have coming your way and we look forward to talking baseball with all of you.


Gary Morgan & Craig Toth
Inside The Bucs Basement Team

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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