Recent Pirates News Leaves Me with More Questions Than Answers – Help Me Out

I’ve been reading news about the Pirates cuts and assignments they resulted in. Reports about who the team has approached for extensions. Trade rumors and silly ideas that Neil Walker is headed back to Pittsburgh.

I’m filled with more questions than answers if I’m honest on many of these subjects, maybe you have answers, but I’ll take a crack first. I’d love your take, comments are open. Refer to the number in your answer, I’ll take the best and add them into a fresh column.

  1. Colin Moran?
    My Answer
    – He is all but gone. A dance partner away from a trade. And it’s not really about performance as much as some news. First, Ke’Bryan Hayes has capitalized on his opportunity, and it’s not only given him a competitive shot at outright winning the job as starting third basemen for your Pittsburgh Pirates, it brought rumors of an extension being offered. If I’m Colin Moran, I’m looking at my lease papers and seeing the writing on the wall. If the extension get’s done, Hayes starts opening day. Doesn’t and he goes down until Super 2 has come to pass. Either way Moran isn’t in the long-term plans. What say you?
  2. Why is Oneil Cruz still playing Shortstop?
    My Answer
    – Honestly? I don’t know. I don’t doubt his ability there, sure the frame is odd to see out there but he’s smooth for his size and the arm certainly plays. No, my question is not his ability, it’s why approach Kevin Newman for an extension if you think long term Cruz will play the position? Is Tucker less than solid to be part of the plans? Why is Adam Frazier still here? Put Cruz at say third or right field, ok, I get that, this is just hard to think about. Any clue?
  3. Why did the Pirates sign Jerrod Dyson?
    My Answer – Odd singing to say the least. Heredia and Martin provide more and the likelihood of both making the club isn’t huge. It took away an excuse for the JT Riddle signing as well, you could make a case for the signing if he can back up Center in an emergency and a middle infield spot, otherwise, where does he fit really? Dyson is on the downside of a relatively low hill to begin with, and he didn’t seem thrilled to be here either at first. Am I wrong?
  4. What in the world are they doing with Cole Tucker?
    My Answer – Here is the best fielding shortstop on the club, a switch hitter, some pop with energy to spare, and I can’t find a way to see him getting playing time. Who is he going to beat out? Clearly the team thinks Newman is long term, do they see him long term at second then? Are we an Adam Frazier move from this situation making sense? Erik Gonzalez is still around too (he was hurt you might have forgotten), by God Jose Osuna is too! Plenty of people to play third.
  5. Why Joe Musgrove for an extension?
    My Answer – OK I’m cheating here a bit, I’ve already written why I like Joe for an extension in another column. But I’ll elaborate and reiterate here a bit. He isn’t the best pitcher they have, nor the worst, but he shows signs of being fairly durable, and before telling me he is hurt a lot, take a look at how many starting pitchers threw as many games as him last season. 31 starts are above average in that category for sure. He’s a leader, anchor type and perfect for a constant face in the rotation, even if lower half of it.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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