Suspended Animation – What Does a World Without Sport Look Like?

Today the sports world completed a clean sweep as the NHL was the last domino to fall. Every major American sports entity has decided to postpone, delay or outright cancel all games.

First of all, let me say this, I don’t plan to take a stand on whether this is an overreaction, appropriate, forward thinking or too late. I simply want to discuss how unprecedented this is in modern times, and, I don’t know.

We now go from discussing who got cut and where they were assigned to wondering if the season will happen. If it does, do they shorten? How do the pitchers finish stretching out? If they just pick up and start the regular season, is it proof the Spring schedule is too long as it is? These are things we’ll talk about as darkness falls over the sporting world and indeed our daily lives.

I’m not here to tell you sports is more important than everyone’s health but man, this is gonna be awfully weird. I watch a ton of these Alaskan survivalist shows, especially when traveling for work and the way they follow the seasons and signs of change to guide their lives resonates with me. No, not because I could do any of that, hell I need a resin block to start a fire in my chimney. Because sports does that very thing for so many of us.

Starting with the Super Bowl, then College Basketball, NBA and NHL are really getting going. Spring Training, Stanley Cup and into the dog days of summer where its all baseball, right into NFL Mini camp and the World Series, College football kickoff and the NFL opening weekend.

They’re as part of our lives as sleeping and working, and if you disagree, you probably haven’t stayed up on a Wednesday night to watch the Bucs in San Francisco for a 10:20 first pitch and gotten up for work at 6 Thursday morning.

Our country thrives on sports and if nothing else, maybe we’ll all realize what we’re missing should this stretch on for a considerable amount of time.

As more clarity is provided to this situation I have every belief we as a people will rebound fully and things will creep back toward normal, but for now our games are gone but unlike some of our fellow citizens, the game will return.

Take care everyone, and more importantly, take care of each other.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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