Friday Focus – How Short is Too Short for an MLB Season Pirates Fans?

Friday Focus

MLB and team executives are meeting regularly with the Players Union. If this were a normal season and we were heading closer to regular season play in 2020, I might follow that revelation with discussion of the new CBA and the challenges that lie ahead there.

This is not a normal season however and one of the things I wonder most is this, how many games is enough to feel like the regular season mattered? At what point do you pull the plug?

Let’s look at it from as many angles as I can think of and see where it takes us shall we? I’m in no way going to list all possibilities, but I think I’ll hit on the most likely.

Games by May 15th
Every team would have missed between 40 and 45 give or take.
1. Take the front part of the schedule and transplant it to the end. This would end the season somewhere around the middle of November.
2. Eliminate those games from the schedule entirely and still end in September.

Biggest Questions
1. With possibility one I question the ability of cold weather cities to play productive baseball. Rescheduling would be easiest this way, perhaps something could be done to play the home games for those clubs first and finish in dome and warm cities.
2. Number two up there poses a whole new slew of questions. The balanced schedule would be shot. No way to lop off a section of the season that large and pay no balance price. One way they could fix this would be to completely recraft the schedule. For instance, Interleague games constitute 20 contests a season. Those could go then maybe trim a game or so off each out of division season series to hit the number desired.

Games by June 1st
Every team would have missed between 55 and 60 give or take.
1. Eliminate those games from the schedule entirely and still end in September by building a custom 100 game schedule to end close to on time.

2. Eliminate most of those games but keep the season around 120-122 pushing into October 15th or so.

3. Playing a full season becomes near impossible, without multiple double headers scheduled.

Biggest Questions
1. For number one and two, either of those could be done, neither without a fresh new schedule. Elimination of interleague is a given.

2. Number three, there would have to be an agreement with the union to forego off day requirements and the league would have to expand rosters in some form and fashion to facilitate the beating players would take.

Games by June 15th  
Every team would have missed between 70 and 75 give or take.
1. Becoming difficult to see much more than 100% intra-divisional games as home and away contests across the league would push the limits of scheduling.

2. 80 or 82 games is very likely. Obvious scheduling upheaval.

3. Playing a full season probably off the table.

Biggest Questions
1. Number one is the most viable but not without issues. Not sure how you would settle Wild Cards. I would think it might be fairer to take the top two from every division and make them 3 game series. Hard to say the Mets were better than the Padres if they never played each other or their opponents.

2. On number two, you start to eliminate the marathon of the season which leads to teams evolving.

3. Full season is just dead right here. Nothing I can think of, makes sense. And this is just the schedule. I’d go further here but past that date, we start to exit the land of reason.

There are so many other questions arising as this stretches on, for instance, the league is apparently talking about merging the 2020 and 2021 drafts. How many questions do you have about that? Let’s talk about all of them right here at with Craig @BucsBasement and Me @Garymo2007

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

4 thoughts on “Friday Focus – How Short is Too Short for an MLB Season Pirates Fans?

  1. I don’t think you can go under that 80-82 mark. If be real curious to see how attendance pans out. If it’s strong, do the owners consider a shorter season going forward? Can you picture a regular season running about 140 games from May 1 to September 23. Start wild card series instead of 1 game play in. Owners don’t want fewer games but maybe more playoff teams makes up for that and increases interest. Just food for thought.

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      1. Can’t disagree with that and I’m pretty sure that won’t change. I’m not sure they wouldn’t make more money with a bigger playoff field and teams in contention longer and more playoff games than during April baseball. But since I’m not a rich person, no one’s paying attention. Lol.

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