Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Hi Buccos Fans, Here are my thoughts today at five.

  1. One of Pittsburgh’s most often referenced moment from Pirates lore is Jim Leyland blowing up on Barry Bonds during Spring Training. I wonder how much that one moment has helped the fan base by in large disown Bonds as part of our history, if not our very best player.
  2. Last night on a Live installment of Bucs in the Basement, Eric Minshall gave all of us a unique perspective on not only the Pirates system but the critical role a pitching coach can play. I didn’t think of the question last night but I wonder if its better to have every pitching coaches at all levels teaching from the same play book or if individuality would lend more room to hit on the “right” message.
  3. I’ve been thinking, could a short season open a door for some teams that may have had no chance this year? For instance, if a sub par team starts hot, there will be less time for oil to find it’s level. Additionally, a six week back injury could essentially destroy an entire season for a player. Short season the great equalizer?
  4. When I hear people say that Kevin Newman is going to regress this season, I certainly see why, the numbers absolutely show that possibility. I’ll remind everyone however, if probability was equal to fact there would be many more rich gamblers. If the numbers show us he is primed for regression, perhaps the team has seen that too and will work to help him avoid it, no?
  5. What if Chris Archer has a great season? Now, that could very well mean a great half season by the time we start playing games, but in general, what do the Pirates do if he does? I would suggest he’d be a great candidate for a deadline move, but who knows if we’ll have one.

As always, I’d love your thoughts on any of these topics. Have a great day Pirates Nation!

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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