5 Baseball Thoughts At Five

Well everyone, we made it another week and here we are starting another. Some of us are stuck at home working and some are wondering how the hell they’re job could be considered essential. Real heroes are out there risking their own health to save the lives of those afflicted. We owe everything to those on the front line and if you know one, make sure they know next year when we’re all back to work that they are just as important then as now.

Now, onto the baseball/sports thoughts.

5. With the news today that The Open Championship, A.K.A. The British Open was cancelled for 2020, I wonder if international sports leagues are going to struggle to restart more than domestic leagues. For instance, the NHL, NBA and MLB all have teams in Canada. Will involving more than one government body complicate the issues the leagues face?

4. News broke yesterday of the Arizona Diamondbacks majority ownership trying to force minority owners to increase their shares or be forced to sell. This is going before a judge to litigate the legality but I can’t help feeling like some Expos fans have seen this before. Along those lines, it seems to be a popular rumor in Arizona that the owner wants to move the team to Las Vegas. First, why? Second, why is Vegas always the rumor?

3. I wonder if sports has inevitably changed forever. If games are indeed played without fans, will some leagues start to gear the product into made for TV events and lessen the focus on the in stadium/arena experience. This would be counter to the stated intent of many but realities change, as evidenced by recent events.

2. I’ve been working from home for nearly a month now, I believe we have used about 8 rolls of toilet paper. There has never been a more panic purchased item in anytime I can remember. OK, maybe frozen pizza.

1. Are there any major league teams that could suffer the ultimate price for this shutdown? In any sport? I think not. If that ends up being the case, does that end the argument that boycotts could force changes in ownership?

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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