When Did Hope Become Outrageous?

Outrage. There’s a word that has truly become overused to the point of diminishing the meaning. Pretty much what my generation did to Awesome. Today everything is an outrage, there is no other earthly way to see things. Talk about someone hurting from having their business shut down and the rug pulled out from everything they’ve built in their lifetimes without also mentioning “it was for the greater good” is impossible.

Surely, we can let some things go as given. Must we always preface everything with “if it saves one life it’s worth it”? We all get this right? Can’t this just be an underlying current we all have there, underneath what we discuss?

Let’s look at MLB’s most recent effort to start addressing the return of baseball, I wrote about it here in-case you aren’t familiar. To be kind, the idea is a stretch. I think you’d struggle to find any rational thinking person that believes, as constructed, it could work. That said, it has some bones you might be able to build on.

Rather than see this as exactly what it was, an idea, many have chosen to decide for themselves all the people the MLB doesn’t care about. They’ve decided that MLB feels their game is more important than human lives, hell they might even cost them.

Maybe their right. Maybe later today when I have to go get batteries for my mouse and score some butter and eggs, I too will value my selfish need to have my mouse and be able to bake a cake above human life. See, everyday whether we see it as such or not, we are all planning for the future. I plan to patronize my favorite local pub on Friday night when I order my wife a fish sandwich, this isn’t nearly equal to restarting a major American operation, but it is a plan for the future.

Every business in the world right now is planning for the future, it just doesn’t always get headlines, nor do many of them need to understand what the public will think of their choices. How much coverage have you seen about the Striking Amazon workers who feel they are in unsafe situations as they continue to ship all the crap you and everyone else keep ordering all day every day? Not much, and I’d bet dimes to dollars the reason is utterly selfish, we want all that crap we ordered, plus we’re all good people staying home, right? In fact, maybe I should order those batteries….

We need those services so desperately, because nobody can remember 15 years ago before they received daily drop shipments to their door, right? Restaurant workers are, if they’re one of the “lucky” ones to get to keep their job, every day going out and trying their best to keep the business going. Some upending their entire business model virtually overnight. Think any of them planned before they started putting it into place?

Hell, take it to my level. I planned to be writing pieces about Josh Bell’s hot start or why it’s time to think of Joe Musgrove as a solid acquisition, but we’ve all had to change what we do. I’ll tell you what I didn’t stop doing though, plan.

Is Baseball an essential service, surely not. Is it essential to Baseball that they find a way to stop the bleeding and get back to work, you betcha! We all have no issue describing Major professional sports as businesses when it suits our needs. Well, our star player had to go, it’s a business. Is that player being franchise tagged fair? Well, it’s a business. So why is it suddenly not a business when something like this comes along? Clearly, it is. Just like the NBA, the NFL and the NHL, each and every one of them is planning for how this will play out. The NFL is planning to start the season like normal, but also behind the scenes, planning for things to change. Business is like a shark in many ways, if you stop moving you die.

Another reason to continue to plan and put out ways you might want to approach getting back to work, you have thousands of people you employ who want answers. I’ve heard that the plan was unfair to the players, some like Zach Wheeler have even expressed it. Their opinion is valid surely, but don’t think for one second he wants the two sides to stop trying to get back. Because there are no guarantees the players will receive full compensation or service time for this season. I dare say none of the folks on the 40-man will be receiving that $1,200 so they might care.

When we beat this virus, not if but when, businesses will need to be agile and capable of planning for multiple contingencies. Some will push too hard too fast, and others will tread lightly. Some companies will come out of this stronger than ever, ripe for taking market share from others that didn’t plan as well or weren’t able to navigate the near constant changes in how exactly their business could operate.

If you want to make sure everyone knows we’re all in this together as I hear nearly every 10 seconds from one source or another, perhaps it would be nice if it really was ALL of us.

Bottom line, there is nothing wrong with any of these leagues or any business in the world planning and talking about what the future looks like, in fact if they aren’t, they are dialect of duty and most likely won’t come back, at least not without being crippled severely.

In a perfect world this Virus would only kill one thing, virtue signaling. The very core of wanting everyone to know how much better you are than everyone else cuts directly across the grain of everything we’re talking to here. Sure, is easy to tell everyone to stay home and we’re in this together when you have a job that allows it and aren’t hurting financially from this event. Falls pretty flat when you work in a restaurant, have seen 70% of your family (cause that’s what a restaurant becomes) laid off while you try to keep a skeleton crew employed and paid. Do they feel like they’re in this together? Maybe some do, surely some don’t, but you know who’s job it isn’t to tell them how they should feel? Us.

Hope is a funny thing, it often feels like  a fool’s errand, until you realize it’s also what got you through the tough times.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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