5 Thoughts at Five

As ever, I’m full of questions. You folks have been so great since we launched this column at helping me sort through them. Here we go for another week!

  1. I wonder if we’ll recognize baseball when it comes back. Sure there will be pitchers and batters and in a form that’s still baseball, but in the rush to try to push through a plan to play, Mr. Manfred is hammering in DH, 7 inning games, Robot Umps, and possible drastic realignments.
  2. So, what happens if they find a way to play this season and then we get this second wave come winter and it gets chopped on the back end? Man, here’s hoping they figure some things out.
  3. This has nothing to do with baseball, but has anyone else realized they eat too much garlic now that we have to wear masks?
  4. The NFL draft is coming quick, what would MLB have to do to get anywhere near that kind of interest?
  5. MiLB is in real danger of contraction. I put together some maps, I hope this helps you visualize what’s happening.

Feel free to use these as you wish when discussing the issue, we’ll have a ton more coverage coming up.

Have a safe and happy Wednesday night everyone!

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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