Bucs In The Basement’s Brilliant Idea: The Perfect Season

We as baseball fans need to start realizing that if Major League Baseball comes back this season it is not going to be a regular year. There are not going to be 162 games, with a minimum of 9 innings a piece. Divisions and leagues as we have come to know them are completely out the window. The designated hitter is coming to all 30 teams in MLB. Robo Umps are going to be used. So why do we keep pretending that everything is going to be the same as it always was or as close as it can be? It is going to be no where near normal. Go ahead and be prepared to put all of your mental asterisks and possibly real marks on all the stats, records, accomplishments and championships. Those distinctions already exist on multiple championships and records throughout the history of the game and I am not just talking about two of the last three championships or the all-time and single season home run records.

So if we all want baseball back as bad as we claim to, why not let go and not just do a slow lean in to the weird? Let’s go full on, head first dive, eyes closed, no holding back into the bizarre world that would be the MLB 2020 season! Of course this is all dependent on being able to ensure the safety of any and all players, coaches, reporters, employees, etc. that would be involved in providing us entertainment by playing a game. So for arguments sake (or really to prevent more arguments), let’s just say that all of that has been taken care of; that way we can get to the heart of the matter, Craig (aka Bucs In The Basement’s) plan for the upcoming season.

There have been many proposals as to how the MLB will look when it comes back as far as divisions, or lack there of, and where games will be played. The most recent idea has been the three division idea with all of the teams playing at their own home ballparks, which mostly led to discussions about whether or not Atlanta was further west than Pittsburgh; it is by the way. It’s not a bad plan per se, however I think mine is much better as a way to prevent such silly arguments and to limit travel.

Why not have 5 divisions, with 6 teams in each one? It would create or rekindle some regional rivalries, it creates a balance of large and small market teams and sets the stage for a pretty unique playoff system. Since the divisions as we previously knew them to be have been laid by the wayside why would you try to keep the playoffs system the same? What I am proposing will be more of an NHL setup in the end.

After the teams have played however many games Rob Manfred rules that they have to in order to earn his bosses their money, the top 2 teams in each division will automatically make the playoffs, in spite of how poor their records may be. The final two teams in the playoffs will be the ones with the best overall records no matter what division they are in. At this point in time things will start to get weird for some people who are primarily MLB fans. The twelve teams that make the playoffs will be ranked from 1 to 12 based on their records and begin to play each other with #1 playing #12, #2 playing #11 and so in a best of 5 game series.

Before the next round begins the teams will be reseeded from the highest seed remaining to the lowest and will once again be played using the 5 game series system. At the end of this round there will be three teams left standing and honestly most of you will have screwed up by not have a semifinal (ALCS and NLCS style). However as you may have forgotten divisions don’t matter anymore, so it is actually set up perfectly for a round robin double elimination tournament culminating in a do-or-die final game or potential double header to be played on a Saturday, as I have always believed the Super Bowl should be.

After reading this brilliantly, well thought out, perfect MLB season I am confident that there is no way that anyone could ever find any holes in this plan. It is obviously better than any of the other ideas that Rob Manfred and his cronies have come up with. For those of you that know me and even those that don’t, I hope you know I am completely joking. This plan has as many holes in it as the Swiss cheese on salami sandwich sitting beside me. That wasn’t the point of this entire exercise. My point was for all of you to temper you expectations of what this potential MLB season could be. Every idea or plan that is proposed is going to be silly to some or all, any rule that is changed could potentially ruin the sanctity of the game and any record or championship will be tainted to some degree. There is no way to get around any of this because there is no way for this MLB season will be normal, so we need to stop pretending that it can or will be.

Published by Craig W. Toth

Former Contributing Author at InsidethePirates.com, Co-Host of the Bucs in the Basement Podcast and life-long/diehard Pittsburgh Pirates Fan!

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