Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Hi everyone, I’d like to take this time to first thank you all for supporting us here at #ITdoubleB. When we launched this site we never imagined we’d spend our entire launch with no baseball to write about. None of that stopped you and we are growing everyday, from two guys who just want to talk and write about baseball, we appreciate each and every one of you.

Now for today’s five thoughts, and I’m going to strive to keep them all baseball!

  1. Last week on Twitter I saw a conversation in which one person claimed his team moving from the AL to NL would destroy his fandom. I didn’t engage but thought I’d bring it here. Would that hurt you’re fandom? Keep in mind the DH is going to be universal sooner than later. How many of you that say it would hurt remember That Milwaukee used to be in the AL and Houston was in the NL? I’m really curious on this because without the DH I think all that’s left is rivalry to get upset over.
  2. If you’re at least my age you remember the old 102.5 WDVE morning show with Scott Paulson and Jim Krenn. They used to have a bit where Confucius would call in and Scott would interview him. Here is my favorite, “Baseball all wrong, man with four balls can not walk” Thought I’d share, and man I like Randy and Bill but I miss Paulson and Krenn worse. Scott was one of the best we’ve ever had on air here in Pittsburgh.
  3. When it comes to MLB rule changes, there must come a point where we accept reality as it comes to opposition. Once it’s in, you have to just decide if it’s a deal breaker or not for you. If it is, sorry, hope you find your way back. Change in sports is nothing new, baseball just has the added component of over a century of history. Study that history closely and you’ll find more uncomfortable changes than you even knew existed. For instance, fans literally sat in the outfield at one time. The official ball was at one point made by the home team, that’s right, the ONE ball.
  4. If you want to understand what will be missing from baseball without fans in attendance, I ask you to watch one of the various comedy shows still producing content today. Try watching Trevor Noah without a laughing audience. He’s still saying funny things, but man it just had no energy. I will find my way through it to see baseball again without hesitation but don’t think for a moment it won’t be weird or worse creepy.
  5. OK, one non-baseball thought, I can’t resist. Has anyone else been standing in line at a store (six feet apart of course) and one of the other line standers feels the need to tell you how ridiculous they feel wearing the mask? Why do this? We’re all here wearing it. I think you’re safe from anyone assuming you chose it as a fashion statement. Nobody thinks you started a cult. You needn’t explain why you’re following the rules to me.

There are my five thoughts today! Have a safe and healthy day everyone.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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