Five Thoughts at Five

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a very happy Tuesday. Everyday we inch closer to that elusive normalcy we all so desperately miss. Chin up Pittsburgh.

Here are my five thoughts for today. As always i hope we can use this to start a conversation, I’d love your thoughts.

1. What do you guys think of this idea? What if when baseball restarts they primarily played all afternoon games. The arbitrary 7:05 start was to give fans time to make it to the game comfortably, maybe we can play them all at 5 now. That could be kinda cool if you ask me.

2. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Last Dance documentary, and it got me thinking, has Baseball really ever had someone like him? For instance, Hockey I could argue Gretzky, Lemieux. Football I begrudgingly nominate Tom Brady or Joe Montana. Basketball it’s possible Lebron is in fact better. Baseball, hmm. When I think of this I feel like I could make an argument that baseball is in fact the ultimate team sport. Hard to ever have success primarily due to one man.

3. If you could choose one player from the Pirates 40 years with no World Series rosters to start a franchise with, who would it be? We’re talking you’ve seen what you’ve seen, you know what you know, career still ongoing or not. Factor in everything, like Doug Drabek was really good, but pretty short career, sure you want to start your franchise with him? Gerrit Cole could have seven more excellent seasons or he could get TJ next year, want to take the risk. Barry Bonds is the all time homerun king but man is that the guy you want as your core leader? Think about this one, and tell me why.

4. I wonder if my office chair misses me. Probably not.

5. If they have Spring Training 2 as they’re calling it and it is indeed hosted at PNC, I’m heading down to the Clemente Bridge with a pair of binoculars. Who’s in?

Have a great night everyone and I’m teetering on writing about number 3 so you’re responses could make an appearance, help a brother out.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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