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When we write about baseball we like to keep things in the realm of realism. You know, we won’t suggest the Pirates trade Colin Moran for Mookie Betts, because we know that won’t happen and its a waste of energy and for some who believe everything they read a beacon of false hope.

These times have created some opportunities though, one of them is really having some fun with a completely virtual version of your Pittsburgh Pirates using MLB The Show 2020.

We can do anything we want to the team and the guys have already made some moves the real world would never allow. They have signed Yasiel Puig and Scooter Gennett, played Bryan Reynolds at CF and in general navigated the over and under hyping of players that The Show always does.

Kevin Newman sitting on 4 homeruns through two weeks of play isn’t the most ridiculous thing that’s happened if you want to know how crazy its gotten. Mitch Keller thus far is quite possibly the worst pitcher in the league.

One of the arbitrary rules put in place by our fake commissioner and GM by the way which must violate some virtual CBA somewhere, Chris has decided the Pirates can make trades but only those suggested by the simulation.

Well, it happened, and he jumped all over it. Miguel Sano was acquired from the Twins for Derek Holland, Ke’Bryan Hayes and Gregory Polanco.

Hey if you don’t like it you should have called in and stopped it. The dude is reckless! That said he quite literally only cares about 2020. Fake 2020, but at least we can go to stores and stuff virtually!

This Monday night we will be calling our “game of the week”, with the Virtual Bucs in the Basement Pirates sitting at 26-26, currently 5 games out of the NL Central and looking to win the 4 game series against the San Francisco Giants. Remember in game moves are very much so up for debate, so call in or give us your thoughts in the live chat. With some of the moves being made, it’s fair to say you’re our only hope.

See you there!

Bucs In The Basement LIVE!

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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