5 Thoughts At 5…AM

Sometimes we are all stuck up late or waking up early thinking about baseball because we are fans. These are the things that are on my mind right now, which lead to more questions than answers.

1) If the NL and AL teams are pretty much split up, why is the universal DH still a thing? To save pitchers? There are only 82 games and you have a “taxi squad”? Who does this benefit? The players of course, who want it as part of a compromise.

2) Posturing. That is all each side is doing, especially the owners. Do you really want a season this year? I think the do. There is too much money to lose.

3) Hey MLBPA, stop pretending you represent all players! You never have! Are you more in the right now? Yes! Have you protected cheaters (Steroids, Astros, Etc.) and made sure the top players get theirs, while others struggle and totally forget the MiLB players exist? Yes! You are not innocent!

4) The Media is the worst right now! Everyone has an agenda! If I am a professional baseball writer, the owners are my best friends because they will help me keep my job, so they are in the right and the players are unreasonable! If I just want a story I will play every angle and use everyone along the way, mostly for click bait.

5) If baseball comes back this season it won’t be because America needs it to. It will be because of the almighty dollar. Could it help us? Yes! However, don’t think we are involved in this equation whatsoever!

This is everything that has been on my my mind recently as each side has tried tried to play the victim in the court of public opinion. Ultimately I believe that each side should present their case based on the all the information gathered, either in support of or against their cause. In the end each side will win or lose to a degree, but more than likely more people will be left wanting and waiting for a baseball season that may never happen.

Published by Craig W. Toth

Former Contributing Author at InsidethePirates.com, Co-Host of the Bucs in the Basement Podcast and life-long/diehard Pittsburgh Pirates Fan!

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