The MLB Draft:Day Two

Originally my blueprint for the second day of the draft went a little something like this:

Second Round (44th Pick) 

Plan A: Alika Williams (SS)-Arizona State

Plan B: Logan Allen (LHP)-Florida International 

Plan C: Drew Romo (C)-The Woodlands (TX)

Plan D: Sam Weatherly (LHP)-Clemson

Plan E: Daniel Susac (C)-Jesuit (CA)

However, with Alika Williams going to the Tampa Bay Rays with the 37th pick and Drew Romo headed the Colorado after being selected at 35th, some adjustments will obviously need to be made. Luckily for me I still have Dillon Dingler (C) from Ohio State and CJ Van Eyk (RHP)-Florida State left over from my plans at 31 to fill in the gaps. So the updated list, still using the same plan format as before, for me would be:

Second Round (44th Pick)

Plan A: Dillon Dingler (C)-Ohio State

Plan B: CJ Van Eyk (RHP)-Florida State

Plan C: Logan Allen (LHP)-Florida International

Plan D: Sam Weatherly (LHP)-Clemson

Plan E: Daniel Susac (C)-Jesuit (CA)

Unfortunately for Pirates fans, after having seen their team make three selections in the top 44 picks, they will now be forced to wait until pick number 79 before hearing the name of another new member to the organization being called. With many players coming off the board, less recognizable names being discussed and predictions becoming more of a crapshoot (even most experts and amateurs shy away from a mock beyond the Competitive Balance A Round) the final three selections for the Pirates become even harder to plan for, but I will take a shot at it anyway because as I have stated many times before, that is half the fun.

3rd Round (79th Pick)

Plan A: Zach DeLoach (OF)-Texas A&M

Plan B: Jake Vogel (OF)-Huntington Beach(CA)

Plan C: Markevian Pence (RHP)-Watson Chapel (AR)

Plan D: Ricky Tiedemann (LHP)-Lakewood (CA)

Plan E: Jackson Miller (C)-Mitchell (FL)

4th Round (Pick 108)

Plan A: Bryce Elder (RHP)-Texas

Plan B: Ian Seymour (LHP)-Virginia Tech

Plan C: Trevor Hauver (OF)-Arizona State

Plan D: Jackson Leath (RHP)-Tennessee

Plan E: Hayden Cantrelle (SS)-Louisiana-Lafayette

5th Round (Pick 138)

Plan A: Tyson Guerrero (LHP)-Lower Columbia CC

Plan B: Kala’i Rosario (OF)-Waiakeia(HI)

Plan C: Bobby Seymour (1B)-Wake Forrest

Plan D: Sterlin Thompson (3B)-North Marion(FL)

Plan E: Casey Opitz (C)-Arkansas

Sadly the MLB Draft ends after 5 Rounds this year, so let’s enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. And as always let me know what you think about my picks and join myself and Gary on Twitter during the draft, as well as the site after, to talk about who the Pirates end up selecting.

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Former Contributing Author at, Co-Host of the Bucs in the Basement Podcast and life-long/diehard Pittsburgh Pirates Fan!

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