Top Ten 2020 MLB Draft Takeaways

The Pittsburgh Pirates experienced just about every variable one could in one draft. New management, new format, new slotting. Let’s talk about what we’ve learned.

  1. Pitching was a major focus. Obviously, right? Talk about identifying an organizational deficiency and hammering it.
  2. Talent trumps all other factors. Deference was not paid to organizational depth with the first pick. Bats were chosen for the bat, arms were chosen for the arm.
  3. Ben Cherington showed quite a tolerance for possible projects. Talent of the crop chosen is unmistakable, but experience is not.
  4. Cherington suffered no fools. Some teams played games by choosing under slot or effectively punting. None of that here in Pittsburgh.
  5. Catcher was not in the cards. Either they weren’t satisfied with the crop or felt there were other options to address it with other methods, it looks like Catcher wasn’t happening.
  6. The Pirates have a GM who doesn’t reach. According to Cherington after the draft, the Pirates board was stuck to with little fluctuation.
  7. Top ten system is coming. For those of you that think having a top ten system is a measurement of success, it will soon be back. Be aware though, the best organizations move up and down on this stat as talent groups evolve and migrate to the big club.
  8. The Post Draft singing period is going to be interesting. Part of me thinks it might be like NCAA recruiting and low payroll clubs might struggle. Part of me thinks a bunch will just go to school or JUCO. Interested to see how it turns out.
  9. Will the Pirates ever sign a left-handed starter? It’s uncanny how the Pirates never seem to land on a left handed pitcher. That’s it, just odd.
  10. Now, where exactly do these draft picks go? This will be an interesting development, and I wonder if the AFL will be loaded with draft picks this year.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

3 thoughts on “Top Ten 2020 MLB Draft Takeaways

  1. Best case scenario if you want to use the AZFL for draft picks from 2020 is to have the regular fall league season for top prospects then have a 2nd 6 week season for the 2020 draftees that way prospects could still get work in as well as draftees showing off they’re skills….
    Also it seems on the catcher issue that the top high school guys maybe had too high a value put in their heads by family or their advisor (aka agents) of that’s the case cheers tor Ben Cherrington for knowing when kids were REALLY overvaluing their skill sets– and not going full on cheap mode last 2 picks not included….knows will take big $$$$ to sign Jones & the draft eligible Soph from S Carolina great job Mr Cherrington

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  2. Curious as to when the respective sites will release new prospect rankings now. I’d be shocked if they’re not already top 10 tbh. After this draft they might be looking at 10-12 top 150 guys with 7-8 in the top 100


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