Five Thoughts at Five

The sports world is swirling with activity let’s dive right into some thoughts on some of the bigger ones.

  1. Craig and I have both been thinking about a couple things related to the COVID tests in the Miami Marlins locker room. First, and I should say we questioned this a while back, most teams have built their satellite rosters with an eye toward development, we believe the sites were intended to be ready to serve drop in replacements for just the eventuality we’re seeing. I’m certainly not ignoring this is more than any team probably expected, but surely some were expected. The plan was to have replacements ready, but most teams stocked it with draft picks and prospects probably not ready for AAA, Pirates included. On the other hand, does Miami or for that matter Pittsburgh have enough players like that to realistically do that?
  2. While I firmly believe Colin Moran is better than a large swath of fans perceived prior to the season opening, let’s do try not to swing wildly toward the other side. It helps that Ke’Bryan Hayes is not with the club but how much do you hear his name right now? Funny how that works huh? On another note, if Polanco hit like Moran he’d be a pretty successful extension wouldn’t he?
  3. Jacob Stallings is actually very fun to watch field his position. He’s caught three games thus far and by my count stolen between 20-23 strikes and gunned down two runners trying to steal. I’ll tell you what I’d do if I’m Shelton, I’d make sure next time Trevor Williams pitches he gets Stallings as his catcher. Williams’ game is all about the black and to not provide him what Jacob does back there is to not maximize what he can do. Watch next time Murphy gets a game, he’s a pretty good backstop don’t get me wrong, but watch the calls the pitchers don’t get. AT&T Sportsnet’s new overlay strike zone really makes it easy to see exactly how Stallings does it and its just as filthy as some of the sliders Chad Kuhl tossed yesterday.
  4. I’ve often said I write about baseball because I’d never be able to shut the fan off for the Penguins. Welcome back to action Penguins!
  5. After witnessing what we did on Monday night at PNC, I’m actually grateful that Derek Shelton has this 60 game schedule to get the rookie out of him.

We’d love to hear from you on any or all of these issues, follow me on Twitter @garymo2007 and Craig @bucsbasement so we can chat during the games.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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