Bucs Fall 3-0 in Series Finale to the Brewers in Example of What the Modern Game Has Become

Sure, things happened in this game. Joe pitched fairly well but gave up two homeruns and three runs. Woodruff was brilliant and the Bucs had no answers for anything he tossed up there, especially his changeup which mystified seemingly every batter in the lineup.

The biggest theme in this game though, this is the largely what the game has become and man it was painful to watch. By the 6th innings both teams combined for 15 strikeouts, two homeruns and 4 total hits. The Pirates didn’t have a ball hit to the outfield until the fifth.

Again, Woodruff was great, the game however when the three true outcomes are on full display is a fast moving, yet somehow tedious at the same time chore to watch.

I’d say this if the score was reversed too, but tonight it just struck me that I watched an entire baseball game and all told, there really wasn’t much to report. If there isn’t much to report, I’d imagine there aren’t too many people out there pumped up.

Baseball is starting to look like we thought it would, it’s all or nothing and when the game goes that way the Bucs are ill equipped to thrive. They lack the power tool so many teams focus on yet refuse to take free bases offered by extreme shifts and continue instead to try to join the big boys who can compete in that arena.

If you want a bright spot it might be the bullpen, Neverauskus came in for Joe and stranded his inherited runner. Robbie Erlin pitched two scoreless and even overcame Colin Moran dropping a pop up giving the Brewers an extra out. Richard Rodriguez pitched the ninth and set the Brewers down with ease.

The offense was simply inept and the awful start for the Pirates supposed best hitters continued, Jason Mackey summed it up in the 6th with this Tweet.

Needless to say, it got worse as the game finished up and inexplicably the Brewers used their closer Josh Hader for the second time in three games, they must not care about his rest.

News & Notes:

  • The Pirates who were expected to be the anchors of the lineup simply haven’t been. Sure, 6 games in is early to decide the outcome of their seasons but with 10% of the schedule complete it’s hard to ignore.
  • Christian Yelich went 0-5 tonight, which makes him 0 for the entire series, in fact he only has one hit so far. The offensive struggles to major run producers with pedigree is one of the strangest phenomena of this young season
  • It’s the most Pirate thing ever that they finally get a solid performance from the pen and couldn’t score a single run. 1 hit of support won’t cut it, well, ever.
  • In the ninth, Erik Gonzalez struck out AND got hit by the pitch, that’s a special kind of stink, apropos for the evening

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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