Five Pirates Thoughts

There is something calming about your baseball team hitting. At the end of the day, it won’t erase what’s happened but it sure makes watching more fun.

Let’s talk about a few things going on and see if we can’t jump start our thought process on this overcast Sunday Morning shall we?

1. Why Don’t Pirates Pitchers Go Deep? A gross oversimplification is probably they just aren’t that good. Reality is nobody throwing right now in the rotation with the possible exception of Kuhl has the type of stuff that allows in zone contact. And he’s on a strict inning and pitch count. Everyone else has to paint the black, that makes for deep counts. Add in that opposition knows getting to the pen will mean beating the Bucs more often than not, so patience is upped even further.

2. Trade Porn – when your team isn’t in the race, trades become more of a rooting interest than the games themselves. Beside the expiring contract guys, I’d recommend letting it play out. We just don’t have a good picture of what BC and crew are thinking yet. I get the impression they aren’t in the full blow it up camp, not yet, not even if they should be.

3. Projecting Early Arrivals for Prospects – No I’m not talking about Hayes, although I told you he wasn’t coming up ASAP, that won’t happen until they feel he can play everyday. Now I’m hearing fans thinking Peguero and Gonzales will be able to make the club next season, oh God no. And it really doesn’t matter how advanced they are, there is no reason to rush them to the Show. Not even the Pirates are dumb enough to hurt these kids in development by getting ants in the pants.

4. Opportunity for Some not All – I’m not sure why Erik Gonzalez got a shot but Osuna continues to imprint his cheeks in the pine. I can’t say why Dyson plays over Tucker or Olivia. If the Pirates are convinced Center is in Tucker’s future, he should start there just about every game, because there are players who have real pedigree there that deserve the same shot, and they have more upside at the plate.

5. Is There a Chance The Bucs Extend Any of the Expiring Guys? – probably not, although I do think Maile or Murphy will be brought back, Kela is interesting, I don’t think they’ll be able to move him because of his latest injury but extending him might be in play, remember he really likes Marin and I can’t imagine he gets too high up there for salary. Not predicting it, but it might be a way to get some value for him, or just cut ties with all of them. We shall see said the blind man.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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