Five Pirates Pre-Deadline Topics

The rumor mill is hottest in the fan base, just as predicted the deadline itself is pretty slow. We heard that team executives around the league wanted to get their deals done early because of the unique circumstances in 2020, well, here we are on deadline eve, what happened?

The reality is valuation is all over the place across the league. Teams are overvaluing who they have to move, and others are undervaluing targets. That leads to waiver wire pick ups, cash deals and even swaps of non-factor talent.

Lets take a look at some things to keep an eye on for the next 26 hours of so.

  1. The biggest factor is, was and will be the overall willingness to make considerable moves at this particular deadline. Expiring contract guys not withstanding. For teams like the Pirates the offers are undoubtedly less than they feel they could get this off-season. On top of that, they don’t have a long list of guys who would really push a club over the edge. Final diagnosis – nothing major happens, same as I thought as soon as the deadline was announced.
  2. Jacob Stallings is a dark horse move. His value is sky high and he’s proven himself to be valuable even when he isn’t hitting. He’s the type of player a team that is a catcher short might want to overpay for, he’s already developed and brainy enough to jump right in and help immediately. The Pirates Catching situation is such that a move like this would set the club back unless they can get a good prospect in return, This would take a perfect partner in a perfect spot. If it doesn’t happen, look for the Pirates to extend Jake in the off-season.
  3. One thing to remember when thinking about trades, rebuilding teams don’t typically make deals with other rebuilding teams. There’s a reason for that, and its surprisingly overlooked by fans. They both have the same needs. For instance, Seattle doesn’t want to deal for a player that helps now in exchange for their top catching prospect they’re counting on for their own window. Are there exceptions, of course, just not very many.
  4. If the Bucs don’t move all their expiring contract guys (they won’t), it won’t be because Cherington isn’t listening, or asking too much, it’ll simply be that nobody was interested and/or they got injured at the wrong time. Derek Holland is a perfect example, I fully believe GMBC would take just about the same deal he swung for Dyson. Now, does anyone think he can help them down the stretch?
  5. Social Media has made it really hard to hide ongoing conversations, but there is certainly more cover this season as reporters aren’t roaming around the halls collecting leads. If there is one reason to believe this hot stove will eventually light over the next few hours, it’s that. The Pirates have 3 or 4 starting pitchers I’d bet they’re willing to part with, but Dylan Bundy and Lance Lynn will surely be in front of them on the list of targets, if one or both of them go early today, things will heat up in the next tier.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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