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Starting something new here on Inside the Bucs Basement, and we’ll start out calling it News & Views. I plan to have this every Monday and it will be a place to reset the week, recap the news and talk about some things to look for in the next.

Let us know what you think, after all everything we do is for you.


  • The Padres have been the most active team at the deadline early on, and what they’ve done may seem excessive but don’t forget they’re not just trying to sneak into the playoffs, they’re trying to ensure they have a legit shot at beating the Dodgers
  • Mike Clevinger being on the block from Cleveland is blocking up the works something fierce. He is far and away the top pitching target publicly available followed by Dylan Bundy and Lance Lynn. After those dominoes fall, the next tier will get their chance.
  • Back to the Padres, they officially have too many catchers, and while Austin Nola may play any of a number of other positions, they still have spares.
  • The Cubs need to add a starting pitcher, and they won’t let this deadline pass without procuring one. Tyler Chatwood hitting the IL puts this into overdrive.
  • Brian Reynolds is a new daddy and should be back with the club soon, until then it seems Adam Frazier is the choice to handle the extra outfield time
  • Colin Moran is eligible to return from the Concussion IL today, that’s not a guarantee he does, but from reports he practiced yesterday and looked/felt good.


  • Jacob Stallings is probably Cherington’s best chip. Problem is, as I stated above the Padres have an extra player available. That means something for a couple reasons, one the Pirates might have competition to move a catcher, and two if the Pirates do move Stallings they might look to San Diego to get a replacement.
  • I think the Braves are the most likely spot for Clevinger, but I also don’t think it will be enough. That’s part of why I think they’ll get this done, because next year he’ll help too and the Braves won’t give up a chip like Waters unless this solves problems for more than just this season.
  • The White Sox are rumored to be in on some of the top pitching available, but I don’t think they have the prospect capital to get it done ultimately. They may be better served to look at the next level, and that is where a team like Pittsburgh could jump in.
  • Keep in mind the Pirates need to trade players because what they have in town is not good enough. That being said, why should we be surprised when they don’t have a ton of players other clubs covet?
  • Derek Holland and Keone Kela are the only two players the Pirates are in danger of losing for nothing. It’s time to understand that Kela just never stayed healthy long enough to make an impact here, and at this point I find it difficult to envision him pitching again as a Pirate. Holland still might get moved, but if not I’d recommend the Pirates converting him to a reliever. If he’s going to be here he might as well help where he actually can.

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