Pirates News & Views 9-7-2020


  • The Trade Deadline passes with only the Jarrod Dyson move as a result.
  • Ke’Bryan Hayes had a very effective debut on Tuesday night at PNC. His first hit a double off the top of the wall and his second a homerun to center. He survived a rookie moment throwing home for an out rather than first base. You could assume it was purposeful but his smile shows he knew he made a mistake, one that worked out.
  • The Pirates needed to clear space on the roster for the return of Brian Reynolds and Joe Musgrove, they chose to DFA Carson Fulmer who had not even pitched once for the club and to Option Jose Osuna.
  • Bryan Reynolds returned to action Thursday afternoon against the Cubs and sent a ringing double to the wall and crushed a three run shot. There could be no one player more important to get going.
  • After Jarrod Dyson was traded to the White Sox prior to the deadline, Anthony Alford began to get what could have been an extended look in the outfield. Unfortunately his season was cut short by a collision with the outfield wall, much like how Philip Evans’ came to an abrupt end by running into Polanco’s elbow.
  • Mitch Keller is working towards a return. On Friday he threw 35 pitches with live batters in 2 innings.
  • Since August 8th the last day Del Pozo threw a pitch in a Pirates uniform, the Pirates bullpen has actually performed quite well, ranking 7th in the league with a 3.27 ERA.
  • Erik Gonzalez leads the club in average, hits, doubles, and OBP, Anyone have that before the season started?


  • Big Joe apparently was close to becoming a Blue Jay. The return was probably a bit better than what they ultimately paid for Stripling, but not much. That was a PTBNL but they had to toss in one of their own to get it done. Would you take even a little better than that for Musgrove? Yeah me either, sometimes the best move is one you don’t make. -GM (@garymo2007)
  • Is it possible all of the service time discussion concerning Ke’Bryan Hayes is all for not? What if the goal is to bring him up for an audition that will be used to determine a longer term contract offer, avoiding arbitration? Remember, this idea was floated prior to the layoff. -CWT (aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • Quinn Priester was added to the player pool on Thursday. Honestly this move was made to get some eyes on him and see how he does against live batters, nothing more.-CWT (aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • People are exploring the Pirates to “let the young guys play”. What if I told you that for the most part they already are? Hard for one of the youngest rosters in MLB to get much younger!-CWT (aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • I have been proven wrong on Eric Gonzalez by this club, and I get the impression they badly want me to experience that again with Riddle, this time it’s not going to happen. He’ll eventually be non-tendered by the club this off season. -GM (@garymo2007)
  • For people saying Josh Bell should DH full time, I may have some surprising information for you. Prior to Sunday’s game, in 93 plate appearances at 1B Bell was batting .238/.301/.405 with 4 homers. As a DH he was slashing .091/.192/.091 with no extra base hits in 52 appearances at the plate. He went 1 for 3 on Sunday with a walk.-CWT (aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • Polanco went 6 for 11 in a three game stretch and immediately followed it by going 0 for 10 over the weekend with 7 strikeouts. Every time you think he might have turned a corner, you end up being let down. -CWT (aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • The Pirates have the luxury of having the DH this season. I personally believe it will return but there is a possibility it won’t. If that’s the case, the Bucs will be forced to choose between Moran and Bell, its becoming hard to argue Moran is outplaying Bell both on the field and at the plate. -GM (@garymo2007)

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