Royals Win 7-4 and the Pirates Must Not Have a 2021 Coronation for Williams

My Dad once told me, When someone shows you what they are repeatedly, at some point you outta believe ’em. I’ve been on this train for a while now, but I have to believe the Pirates are at least looking sideways at Trevor Williams.

5 innings pitched, 9 hits, 6 earned runs and 3 walks. This is not only tonight’s line, its a very typical Trevor Williams line. The very first at bat is a wonderful micro-chasm for what Williams has become and why he struggles so mightily. Facing Whit Merrifield he jumped out to an 0-2 count. Now right here sitting at home you know what’s coming next to a right handed batter don’t you? Slider away, probably down and out of the zone right? Then he’ll follow that one with another even further out. Neither typically induce a swing and tonight they didn’t either.

Now if its later in the game Trevor still might mess around trying to drop that slider on the actual corner or early in a game like this he throws a fastball for a strike, and because he doesn’t have great stuff, a fastball with no movement that you expected to see get’s lit up.

Merrifield took him deep and I have to imagine he’s just as predictable to the batters he’s facing as he is to me.

The numbers sure say so.

If you want to sell me on this being a season of evaluation, the Pirates better listen to my Dad and believe what Williams is showing them. He simply can’t go into 2021 expecting a rotation spot.

This game wasn’t all bad, after giving up the early homerun the Pirates roared back with three of their own. One each by Bell, Reynolds and Frazier would stake the Bucs to a 3-1 lead. Williams would surrender a tying 2 run shot to the white hot Mondesi.

Then in the fifth everything really exploded for Williams. Walks, hits, poor defense (his own) and the Royals took the lead with three more runs.

Austin Davis did a nice job in his one inning and then Kyle Crick entered the game in the 7th. His velocity has been a documented concern from everyone not named Shelton but at least he was throwing strikes, well that all changed tonight. 2 hits and 2 walks and these weren’t nibblers, he was lucky to not be drilling batters. Wild is an accurate description. As with Williams, at what point do you believe what the guy is showing you? The second walk brought in a run to make it 7-3 and Crick left with the bases still loaded for Sam Howard who kept the damage to a minimum.

In the 8th Gonzalez with one out singled up the middle and stretched it into a double, went to third on a wild pitch and scored on a Frazier groundout. The hustle was nice and the energy was needed, but that probably wasn’t the smartest move. 7-4 Royals.

Hayes reached on a dribbler with two outs and advanced to second on another wild pitch but Colin Moran would strike out to strand him.

Derek Holland entered the game for the bottom of the 8th, now all but officially a member of the pen. He would throw a scoreless inning and the Royals would counter with Greg Holland in the 9th. He would retire the Pirates in order to close out the ball game.

Royals win 7-4 and the series concludes tomorrow afternoon in Kansas City.

News & Notes

  • Austin Davis made his Pirates Debut tonight in relief of Trevor Williams in the 6th inning and tossed a scoreless frame, Welcome to the club Mr. Davis.
  • Kyle Crick looked like himself tonight, no, his fastball is still 90-91, I mean he stopped throwing strikes once he put a base runner on.
  • This is the first game this season that Reynolds and Bell have both hit home runs.
  • Josh Bell has had a couple good games back to back. Home runs each night and he went 3 for 4 yesterday and 2 for 4 tonight. Important to see him build on it. In fact he hasn’t swung and missed a pitch since Wednesday.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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