Pirates News & Views 9-14-2020


  • The Pirates won back to back games on Sunday against the Reds and Tuesday against the White Sox. The really rare part for the Bucs was the walk off fashion in which they pulled it off.
  • Mitch Keller returns to the mound today in Cincinnati and will pitch game two of the double header.
  • The Pirates explained a couple things about Chad Kuhl. The outing prior to yesterday Chad would only last 3 innings, this was explained as a scheduled back down. This is a new fad in rehabbing pitchers, the goal is to build up to a number or pitches or innings and around 75% through the process one outing is cut back. Now, what happens to that plan when your next outing is a stinker? We’ll find out.
  • Josh Bell has a modest 6 game hitting streak, that’s not news worthy but his 5 game streak of no swings and misses is. When Josh is recognizing pitches he takes bad balls and makes contact in the zone with authority. That’s where he is right now and nothing could have more impact on the club this off season then Josh Bell looking like he can heading into it.
  • The Pirates have three fewer wins than their closest competitors for the worst record in the league. The latest rumblings have MLB sticking with a straight record based draft order and that’s obviously good news.
  • In case anyone missed it, Mason Martin is now ranked as the 10th Best 1st Baseman in MiLB according to MLB Pipeline.


  • No matter what you think your team can be, if your two best players don’t hit, you won’t win. The Pirates are hardly alone in having their stars under perform but the Pirates don’t share the buffer many clubs enjoy. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • I don’t tell people how to fan, but I’ll never understand people who comment about Bob Nutting on every post. Nobody who covers the club is blind to the fact he doesn’t spend money, but what are we supposed to do? How many pieces can be written about that fact? Get over it and discuss what is actually happening or don’t but please let the adults have conversations. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • Ever hear about addition by subtraction? Sure you have, especially if you’re a Steelers fan who heard it daily when the team moved on from Bell and Brown. Well, nice guys or not the Pirates need to embrace a little of that formula. Regardless of return the club desperately needs to move on from some players who just won’t help this club win, now or ever. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • I’m glad to see Mitch Keller healthy and able to pitch again this season, but I question what is really to be gained in the likely outcome of 2 or 3 short starts this season. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • I often hear fans say that the Pirates getting a high draft pick won’t matter because Bob Nutting won’t spend the money to sign them. The Pirates have spent more money on the draft than any other team period over the last decade. And if you’re already worried about losing this draftee to free agency 7 or 8 years from now perhaps you are discounting that the Pirates would reap the benefit of 6 years of a very good ball player first. Nutting isn’t going anywhere, and honestly, it’s just false that they don’t extend any of their players. Yes, even Boras Clients. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • Chad Kuhl has given up one home run in all 7 of his starts. He now possesses a 5.50 ERA. And people were expecting a haul for him at the trade deadline.-Craig (aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • There are only four players whose jobs I feel are safe going into next year, if a few of them don’t get traded first; a 23 year old third baseman with 32 MLB at bats under his belt, a 30 year old catcher that many fans wanted replaced before the season began, a utility man that NH’s scouts were pounding the table for and a former first round pick that was a part of the Gerrit Cole Trade. -Craig (aka Bucs In The Basement)

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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