Pirates News & Views 9-22-20

The season is winding down but that doesn’t mean the news and topics are, if anything that stuff is just ramping up.


  • Steven Brault on Thursday night tossed the first Pirates complete game since 2018.
  • Blake Cederlind made his Major league debut and tossed a scoreless inning
  • Cole Tucker slips, falls and hits his head. That’s a season ending concussion in an unfortunate set of circumstances and bad luck for the young man.
  • Kevin Newman gets plunked on the knee in the 9th inning of Saturday’s contest. Luckily it was only a contusion and not a break, so no surgery will be required. His season, however, is over.
  • Heading into the series against the Cardinals the Pirates only had 2 quality starts, then Brault, Keller and Musgrove all went ahead and had quality starts.


  • The success at the plate on Thursday night was heavily influenced by an opposite field approach that lasted through the entire contest. This is something this club did very well last season and something I hope they get back to. If at the end of the day Shelton wants a club that explodes for homeruns like the Twins did, I’m afraid he won’t find that on this roster and they’d be better off teaching each hitter to become their best version of who they are, rather than hoping to find one of them as Robinson Cano in disguise. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • The Pirates have had the Cardinals number this season and on the surface it makes no sense at all. Until you look up and realize the Cards are far from good too. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • One of the Pirates biggest issues is happening to some other clubs right now. You finally get your window open and seemingly so does the rest of your division or at least a couple. The Twins worked hard to get to their window that opened wide last season and along come the Sox. When the Pirates last window opened up they ran into the Cubs at the same time. Now that the NL central is down of course the Bucs are. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • When the starters struggle, the bullpen holds firm. We have seen these roles reversed on at least three occasions over the past week. The only things this really proves are that bullpens are sporadically dependable by nature and you don’t build teams around them. (Craig aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • When you have a young pitcher, coming back from injury, you hold firm to the pitch count. It’s ok for fans to get upset that this occurred during a no-hit performance, but it was the right call and anything beyond anger just makes you wrong. (Craig-aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • Both Trevor Williams and Joe Musgrove are set to enter their second year of arbitration. I think it needs to be an either or not both type of scenario. I bet you can guess which one I am favoring. (Craig aka Bucs In The Basement)
  • 60 games in a normal season would be considered a good time to make adjustments. In 2020 of course that’s the entire show. We would routinely see Clint Hurdle consider 40-60 games as an opportunity for batting clean up or lead-off. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)
  • Fans have been waiting all season to see a consistent lineup, but being a Maddon disciple, it’s possible that simply isn’t in the cards for Shelton. Lineups under Joe are fluid and traditional roles don’t matter. Speed is not a requisite for the lead off spot, power is not a requisite for clean up. This isn’t an endorsement as much as an explanation, because quite frankly, not much has made sense in the lineup department. – GM (@garymo2007 on Twitter)

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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