Cherington Starts to Make His Mark, DFA’s for Trevor Williams and Jose Osuna

The story today could be about what Trevor Williams has done here in Pittsburgh, or oh shucks about Jose Osuna never getting a chance. Did we let them go too soon? How could they give up on them with all that control? Surely there are worse players than these two?

Someone else can give you that, I’ve called for Trevor Williams to be done in Pittsburgh for the best part of a year and I’ll not kick a guy on his way out of town. I truly believe Osuna will wind up being a decent player somewhere, but he worked his way through two coaching staffs without managing to impress either. They’re both nice guys, all that happy stuff that you again can read elsewhere. For me, this is a message sent directly from the GM to his team, the fan base and everyone below him in the organization. Not good enough will no longer be overlooked because they’re cheap for a while still.

Larry Broadway was officially moved to little more than a hall monitor position in the offices, completely severing him from baseball ops. This too sends a message.

The moves were not seismic and won’t be the last he makes in the very near future, but Neal Huntington would never have cut a veteran pitcher who was going to get roughly 3.5 million no matter how he performed. The lore of trying to find a way to get something for him would have never been something he could have passed on.

We’d have watched another season of Trevor trying his backside off but been asking the same questions. Why can’t he get past 5 innings? Why does he keep nibbling instead of attacking the zone the way he did in 2018? Could he be better in the pen? I’d rather see Brubaker! On and on and on. Instead he did something we don’t see here often enough, he said enough of not being good enough. There is nothing to be gained by trying to get whatever small return he might provide if he did manage to start the season in top form. In other words, the team shouldn’t suffer through bad performance based on a longshot chance he finds the magic he once harnessed for half a season.

We should no longer expect that a player who can’t ever crack the lineup is going to continue to be your first or second call up season after season. The power that could be, never was and at some point the experiment ends.

It’s encouraging, and exactly what I hoped for. Different. Not thinking or acting like a last place team. No longer making decisions solely based on the hope you find a diamond in a clump of mud.

This doesn’t mean he’ll do everything right, but one thing it says to me is that he isn’t afraid to move on when the time is upon him.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but in the past few weeks we’ve seen this GM cut ties with Chris Archer because he was too much risk for the money, allow Dovydas Neverauskas to walk away (finally), and now Trevor, Jose and Broadway. Oh yes, things are changing, and I love it.

I picked both Osuna and Williams to wind up as non-tender possibilities early on, but honestly, I planned to be writing a story about how I think they made a mistake by deciding to keep them, instead I’m left with a renewed sense of hope that the Bucs did in fact, get the right guy for the job.

Great start, and I for the first time in at least 5 years can honestly say, I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

3 thoughts on “Cherington Starts to Make His Mark, DFA’s for Trevor Williams and Jose Osuna

  1. The player subtractions are easy decisions. The player additions are what will be of interest. By opening day 2022 we will know if this new management team has the juice to compete on the MLB level or will be figureheads only otherwise known as puppets of Pirate ownership.

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