Happy Thanksgiving from Inside the Bucs Basement

I recently shared on social media that I’ve been writing about the Pirates for a year now. You have all been so gracious and insightful with comments, it just makes the work easy to want to do.

I started at a weird time, baseball was just wrapping up in 2019 and my first article was about the team possibly trading Adam Frazier. Yeah I know, not much has changed in a year huh?

Weeks later Bob Nutting fired his front office and we moved into covering the hunt for a new GM, then coach, then the Marte trade, and just when we were finally ready to uncork coverage of a new baseball season COVID hit.

I have to say, my struggling for ideas to write about wasn’t anywhere near the realm of good taste to broach. Craig and I would have hour long phone calls trying to bang our virtual heads together trying to come up with ideas. Trying to stay fresh, and struggling to not give in to the impulses to write 6 history pieces a week.

Some of you quit reading, and a big part of me didn’t blame you. Some of you stuck with it through the entire ordeal and right into baseball being back for a short stay.

I’m thankful for everyone who read along with us, and those who came back when the game did. I’m thankful for the players, coaches, former players, fellow writers and broadcasters who gave us their precious time and answered out questions with the perspective only they could provide.

I’m thankful for my partner Craig Toth who runs in my probably completely biased view the best podcast for Buccos baseball in the biz Bucs in the Basement and one of the top prospect hounds in the game.

I’m thankful to the journalists who had to completely change the way they do their jobs to get us as much information as they could rustle up, even while they lost the ability to read the room or ask follow up questions. Our ecosystem doesn’t work if they don’t.

I’m grateful to the players for taking whatever risk there was in competing for us. In a weird situation to say the least they gave us their all. I’m thankful to the families of the players who put their normal lives on hold to allow their husbands, boyfriends, dads and sons to do what they were born to do.

Mostly, I’m grateful to do what I do and have an outlet so I don’t bother my wife with all my Bucco thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends, I can’t wait for year two. Thanks for taking the ride with us.


Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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