A Capital Move – Josh Bell Traded to Washington

We speculated, we guessed, we tried to find landing spots and finally, one of them panned out. Today the Pirates made a Christmas Eve move sending Josh Bell to the Washington Nationals for two pitching prospects.

Here is what I wrote about the potential of Washington as a landing spot back in November.

The Washington Nationals

The Nationals still have the pitching to make them feel part of the contention conversation, but the bats need help. Zimmerman has done well to play wherever they’ve put him but nobody is providing any kind of protection for Juan Soto in that lineup. Erik Thames factors in as well but he could play outfield as well and make a spot for the acquisition. Their system is pitching heavy at the top as all of their top ten consist of hurlers, most of which are pretty far away. This could fit in well with what Cherington has shown us is attractive to him.

Well, that’s exactly how it played out. This doesn’t make me Nostradamus I also had 4 other options on my list but when searching for trade homes it’s important to always look for what other teams need and if they have the capital you want to deal in.

Here’s the deal:

Eddy Yean is a 19 year old reliever out of the Dominican Republic and was the Nationals number 6 prospect. He has a 97 MPH fastball and has displayed decent control. His current ETA for MLB is 2023 which fits quite well doesn’t it.

Will Crowe is a 26 year old starting pitcher who is currently the Nationals number 3 prospect. He already underwent Tommy John surgery after his freshman year in college and after being drafted in the second round by Washington in 2018 put up a really solid rookie season winning Carolina League pitcher of the year.

He made his debut for Washington last season only appearing in 3 games and got lit up but he only had 10 games of AAA under his belt. The talent is there and he should be able to make the jump this year should the Pirates need him or want him to.

All in all, two top ten prospects, especially from this organization, is a win for the Pirates and while it hurts to see someone like Josh Bell go, this is a quality return.

Bell being traded speaks louder than any words Cherington could utter about his intentions for constructing the team.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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