Top Five – Bold (Possibly Crazy) Predictions for 2021

There are so many things that are easy to predict for 2021, and most of them don’t go beyond the overall record. I think there are a few things we could see that might not be likely, maybe even a bit nuts, but still possible.

So as I brace myself to get beaten up in the comments, let’s get going.

1. The Pirates Pitching > 2020

I can’t shake all the injuries in 2020, coupled with the very real facts that losing Trevor Williams is a blessing, Taillon didn’t pitch anyway and Joe was hurt most of the season. The bullpen was just as nicked up. Add all of this up and I think they have a chance to pitch pretty well.

2. Kevin Newman Returns to Form

By the end of 2021, I think we’ll be officially talking about Newman taking ownership of a spot and the bat will be the primary reason. A refocused and refined swing might take time to master but it could also address two of his peripherals that didn’t jive with actual good stats.

3. One Extension Happens in 2021

Either Ke’Bryan Hayes, Bryan Reynolds or Mitch Keller will receive an extension this year and it’ll carry them through at least 2028. If I had to pick right now, it would be Hayes.

4. Colin Moran’s Power Fully Matures

I think Moran will pop more over the wall than anyone on the team. OK, that’s not a bold prediction when you look at the roster, so here’s the bold part. I think he hits 30.

5. They Won’t Lose 100 Games

Yeah, I know. I honestly think this based much more on the rest of the division. I find it plausible this division is taken with 90 wins. The Cards to me should only lose this if they suffer some real injury trouble.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

4 thoughts on “Top Five – Bold (Possibly Crazy) Predictions for 2021

  1. I just want to sit on a Sunday afternoon watching the Bucs when it is warm and sunny. At PNC Park of course. I support the Bucs win or lose. My Grandfather used to listen to the games on a transistor radio with one earplug. He would tell me play by play what was happening. I loved baseball from a young age and still do.

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  2. Well you did preface this by saying you thought these were possible, if unlikely. I’d put the likelihoods of these five things at: 1) 0%: the rotation isn’t talented enough and will tax the ‘pen as the season progresses. 2) 65%: opportunities abound and production will be embraced wherever it can be found. 3) 20%: not sure management will want to commit to a long-term contract with a contentious labor battle looming at the end of the year and the need to navigate the implications of a new CBA. 4) 35%: Redbeard for 30? There’s a puncher’s chance of this happening. 5) 10%: only if for some reason the season isn’t at least 150 games.

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    1. 1) A hopefully healthy Keller. Williams was awful, Archer and Taillon didn’t pitch so that’s a wash. Musgrove was injured for most of the year. 0% is a little low, bullpen doesn’t have a Del Pozo or a Neverauskas.
      2) Newman has hit, in spite of bad metrics before at MLB and at MiLB levels, so I agree with the over 50%.
      3) The CBA definitely has more influence that many give it credit for. A lot of one year deals and 2 year deals with the second year as an option.
      4) Moran has pop, but kind of reserving judgment on my end due to not knowing how the “new” ball will play.
      5) Last Year was atrocious and everything bad that could happen did. I don’t think it will be that bad, or at least I hope not. You almost have to “work” at being 100 loss bad, but could change with injuries, trades, etc.


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