Pirates (13-19) Lose 3-2 to Cubs, Moran Leaves with Injury

Wil Crowe is still a work in progress, he still struggles with command at times but one thing he is showing at least me, he’s a major league pitcher.

I’ll touch on this more in the notes a bit, but Crowe is forcing some tough decisions early on in the season.

Here’s the cool part of all that, this is what you want to see. You want to see younger players push to take spots on the club. Far to often young guys come up and just try to do ok, or be good enough. Some will even worry about how long they can actually expect to stay up. That’s what I really like about what Crowe has done. He started with a spot start, then was scheduled for one and then another, each time out he’s gotten better. He’s figured out one more pitch. He’s commanded just that tick better.

That’s the goal. Rarely are you going to go into a season planning to start 5 or 6 rookies, you need them to push other guys out of the way, maybe that’s what we’re seeing unfold here. Maybe Yajure will do the same.

As for this game, Crowe was good, giving his club 6 full innings of 2 run ball and honestly, looked like if he or Shelton so chose he could go another.

Instead Howard walked a player, got two outs and was lifted for Holmes who gave up a bloop and the lead.

Both teams pitched well, neither team hit well. Just not a ton of action to report.

Bucs fall 3-2 and look to salvage the finale tomorrow. Tyler Anderson vs Kyle Hendricks

News & Notes

  • Colin Moran went down early in this game trying to double off a runner, he would exit with what turned out to be left groin discomfort. How long does this last? Who knows, but it might just buy Todd Frazier more time than he’s earned.
  • Wil Crowe has done nothing to show he should be sent down when Chad Kuhl returns from the IL which in all estimation should be soon. The logical thing to do would be to send Crowe (who has options) down and reinstate Kuhl. But man that’s a terrible message to send. They could DFA Cahill, but it’s so early. Perhaps Holmes is a DFA candidate, or maybe a ghost injury. Good for Wil, he’s made this a tough call.
  • In the latest installment of “Infielders in the Outfield” (my future screenplay about the 2021 Pirates outfield) Netflix will greenlight anything. Wilmer Difo seemingly had no clue as to whether he should throw the ball home or to the cut off man on a fly to center and the time to think cost them a run.
  • Todd Frazier 1 for 31 and made the last out with the tying run at second.
  • Ka’ai Tom hit his first MLB home run in the fourth inning, a two run shot that gave the Pirates the lead for a short time.
  • Derek Shelton had his fill of inconsistent calls on interference and strike zones today. He managed to not get tossed but I don’t know how, he must have been very animated in the dugout because everybody cleared out like roaches when the light switches on.
  • The Pirates have now lost 8 of 9.

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