Pirates (21-34) Take Game 1 from Struggling Marlins 5-3

No, one guy isn’t going to make this team good.

Having three legitimate threats in the lineup won’t be enough to make a difference.

Give this kid a chance before we get excited.

These were some of my favorite comments today as I wrote a piece about Ke’Bryan Hayes returning to the lineup. It wasn’t a flowery fluff piece about how the team would take over the Central, nothing about the Cardinals watching their backs, but instead just a bit of an upbeat happy we get to watch this guy play baseball type deal.

It’s ok to enjoy having nice things Bucco fans. Ke’Bryan Hayes is a good player, with a chance to be great, and it’s ok to be excited to watch him play. Don’t be so afraid to be wrong that you forget to just enjoy watching him play the game.

Enjoy watching Bryan Reynolds getting his stroke, and finding power few thought he had if we’re honest. Watch him take that quick compact swing and rope balls over the wall from both sides of the plate, and believe what he’s showing you.

Catch Adam Frazier continuing to adjust and punch back against a league that just can’t find a consistent way to get him out. Watch him do it in front of two and soon to be three guys who can actually make his OBA count.

Smile when you think about Jacob Stallings and that clutch bat being in a place in the lineup where his unexpected contributions will play better.

Tonight Tyler Anderson toed the rubber and pitched really well through five innings, he would run into trouble in the 6th though as he allowed runners to reach second and third with one out, and the Pirates called on Clay Holmes who got two ground balls but allowed both runners to score.

The Pirates got their first run as Bryan Reynolds took matters into his own hands.

Now anyone who listened to my Mother’s Day Special of the Fan Forum on DK Pittsburgh Sports knows from my special guests he doesn’t like B-Rey, but look past that….

Later Hayes and Reynolds would combine to do more damage starting with this shot from Ke’.

The Bullpen and some slick defense kept the Pirates in this one, especially Sam Howard.

This followed an excellent pick with the infield in by Adam Frazier to keep the runner at 3rd.

In the bottom of the 8th Frazier singled, Reynolds saw nothing to hit and walked, Polanco had an excellent at bat to draw a walk, and then Jacob Stallings did something.

A bases clearing double and suddenly the Pirates went from trailing 3-2 to leading 5-3.

A typical Rich Rod outing later and the Bucs win.

Really nice ballgame tonight, and man that top three in the lineup look so so nice.

News & Notes

  • Tyler Anderson pitched better than his line tonight. he’ll get tagged with 3 earned runs but he really had this game in control for most of his outing. Positive step for him tonight.
  • There was some question about Ka’ai Tom’s health but he pinch hit in this game so he must be at least well enough to avoid the IL.
  • The Pirates sent Wil Crowe to AAA today clearing a spot for Ke’Bryan Hayes. They avoid having to make a 40-man move for now as JT Brubaker comes off the bereavement list and goes on the COVID protocol list. But a decision will come soon. Sounds like Moran, Evans and Cahill will all be back very soon as well. Going to be a flurry of moves and I’d guess by early next week if not sooner.
  • The Pirates were able to trade Ildemaro Vargas to the Arizona Danger Noodles for cash, probably the same cash they sent out for him in the first place.
  • Jose Soriano was shut down today with soreness in his elbow. This is significant for several reasons. First, he is recovering from TJ so the setback is not welcome news. Second, he is a rule five pick and the Pirates could just keep him around next season under the same rules. Third, if this is what it looks like it’s one less 40-man spot they need to mess with.
  • Travis Swaggerty officially had surgery on his shoulder and will be out for 5 to 5.5 months. His season is over and now the hope is he can have a typical off season.
  • Oneil Cruz is lighting it up in AA. He is also hacking it in the field, but the bat was the main concern with him. I’d imagine a promotion is going to come sooner than later, maybe around the All Star break if not a bit sooner.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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