Pirates (23-42) Drop 8th Straight in Washington, Shelton Again Lifts Starter Early

A tale of two teams struggling to hit the baseball. I think that’s what this series will be.

This game is a bunch of continuations of recent themes and contradictions from a coach’s stated intent.

We need to get more length out of out starters that’s for sure, that’s the gist of what Derek Shelton had to say the other day before abruptly pulling Wil Crowe yesterday and today pulling Brubaker after five innings and 72 pitches.

At some point, you have to give guys a chance to be good. Let them have a chance to control their own career.

Think about it like this. If Brubaker is due for arbitration next year, and he’s not, tell me the team doesn’t sit there and say he doesn’t go deep into games. He absolutely does hear that, and when a guy desperately wants to get established in this league, at some point you have to just let them. It would be like hitting Hayes 5th to take the pressure off even as he hits like he currently is.

Keep showing the players who are performing that you’re afraid or waiting for the other shoe to drop every time they work, and don’t be shocked when you have a collection of guys with stunted growth.

Bottom line, a good start, cut short. An overworked bullpen gives up the winning run.

On a night when you got unexpected offense in the form of Kevin Newman.

Tyler Anderson vs Patrick Corbin tomorrow in game two of the series. Maybe Tyler will get the veteran treatment and get to pitch into the 7th. I shudder at the thought.

News & Notes

  • Clay Holmes had a really strong start to the season, but he’s struggled in recent outings. Underwood went through a stretch like this too not all that long ago. I’ve liked more than not from him so far, so I’m inclined to keep running him out there.
  • Kevin Newman grounded into his first double play this season tonight.
  • In the 8th inning, Josh Harrison got hit with a fastball square in the back. I’m sure it hurt but man what an overreaction. Clearly wasn’t being thrown at. Weird, because I always remember him being very light hearted on the field when he played here.
  • Kevin Newman had a good night. Solo shot, and a key base hit later to set up the tying run in the ball game.
  • Ke’Bryan Hayes extended his hitting streak to 19 games that I didn’t even know he had. In his second game of the season on April 3rd he had one plate appearance and drew a walk. Since that wasn’t an official at bat the streak continues. Stretches back to last season.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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