The Pirates Draft: Beyond The 1:1

Not surprisingly most of the Pirates MLB Draft Discussion has surrounded who General Manager Ben Cherington and Pittsburgh will select with the First Overall Pick; mostly due to the contrast between people who think a high school shortstop is a wasted selection, those who believe Jack Leiter is an organizational changing player, groups who want to draft for need in the form of a catcher and reasonable fans that realize there isn’t a clear cut choice, which may set up the opportunity to save some of the bonus pool money to be used in later rounds with hopes of potentially wooing a higher rated prospect away from a college commitment.

Now, obviously I understand that this is an important decision, but honestly there are around six picks-1) Marcelo Mayer 2) Jack Leiter 3) Henry Davis 4) Jordan Lawler 5) Brady House and 6) Kahlil Watson, in this specific order-that I would be happy to bring into the Pirates Farm System. However, for me, and most of us it, doesn’t end there; still, there is a reason why most outlets only mock until the end of Competitive Balance Round A. It’s just too difficult to predict. Even so, there’s no fun in stopping at that point; plus Cherington may follow a strategy similar to his last draft with the Pirates , which could provide some insight into how he will approach each selection. Or he could go off the board and mess with us all.

During the Pirates 2020 Draft they had six selections, with three coming in the first 44 picks. Starting today and lasting until Tuesday, Pittsburgh has 21 selections, but for time and sanity’s sake I would like to stick to the three picks after the obvious 1:1; 37th in the second round, 64th in Competitive Balance Round B and finally 72nd to lead of the third round, where there is at least some chance of getting one-or at least player that matches a certain profile-correct.

Even so, truthfully, I don’t expect to sniff at any actual projections. Nonetheless, I still feel compelled to mention that as deep as the prep/high high school class is this year-especially as it pertains to shortstops and right handed pitchers-I could see these types fitting into the focus of the Pirates draft. From two way players to pitchers with limited innings, and maybe a couple of young men with versatility at multiple positions in the field.

Second Round (37th)

  • Gavin Williams (RHP)-East Carolina University

  • Gage Jump (LHP)-JSierra Catholic (CA)

  • Lonnie White, Jr. (OF)-Malvern Prep (PA)

  • Joe Mack (C)-Williamsville East (NY)

  • Jackson Baumeister (RHP)-The Bolles (FL)

  • Carson Williams (SS)Torrey Pines (CA)

Competitive Balance Round B (64th)

  • Thatcher Hurd (RHP)-Mira Costa (CA)

  • Eric Hammond (RHP)-Keller (TX)

  • Brody Brecht (RHP)-Ankeny (IA)

  • Braden Montgomery (OF/RHP)-Madison Central (MS)

Third Round (72nd)

  • Braylon Bishop (OF) Texarkana

  • Ky Bush (LHP)St. Mary’s University

  • Davis Diaz (SS/C)-Alcalenes (CA)

  • Carter Jenson (C)-Park Hill (MO)

Once again, I know I have spent way too much time on this, like I do every year; watching video, reading draft reports and speaking to scouts and other experts for countless hours when I should be sleeping, or maybe working. However, and no matter what happens, I can’t wait to do the same thing again next season.

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