Pirates Trade Deadline – Where Things Stand

7-24-21 – By Gary Morgan

Awhile back I wrote about what we could realistically expect at the deadline, and to summarize I predicted much fewer deals than many were expecting. 2 or 3 specifically, and today I’m going to update the scene with what we’ve heard.

Let’s dig right in because we’re coming to the end of this one way or another.

Adam Frazier

I’d still put Adam in the likely category, so long as they get the right package. That’s where we’ll begin our evaluation. I’m hearing the Pirates feel zero pressure to get a deal done at the deadline and Jason Mackey of the Post Gazette recently reported the same. Now, I’m a blogger and yes I have sources, but I still feel better having things backed up by a pro.

That being said, the Seattle Mariners are probably leading the charge of suitors. As I understand it they haven’t reached the threshold Cherington is looking for, but this is more than just curiosity or simply asking about a player. Seattle has the pieces to make this happen and without crippling their system but there is a feeling that the ask still might be a bit high.

For those of you who want to see Adam stick around this is not a bad thing. If they move him you can be sure they will get what they want, if they don’t, he’ll stay put. Well, at least for the rest of this season.

Other contenders are the Giants who classically never ‘overpay’ if you will, making them less likely in my eyes. The White Sox would love him, but they just don’t have the capital, at least not capital they’re willing to move.

I’d add all this up and say 70% he goes to Seattle primarily, or someone else, 30% he stays through the end of the season. I’d guess about an extension but I’ve spent so much time being wrong about Adam I’ll just let you think what you like. But I will say this isn’t much different from the Josh Bell and Joe Musgrove moves.

One thing important to remember is that this doesn’t have to be a case of Cherington asking too much as much as feeling if it isn’t a certain amount they might do better to just wait.

We’ve seen little evidence of this approach not hurting the value of a future move, but who knows, maybe the Bucs could wind up extending him. That’s nothing more than conjecture on my part, everything I’m hearing still speaks to an intention to move him.

Richard Rodriguez

This one is simple, there is nothing credible out there. Now, that doesn’t mean he won’t be moved, it simply means there really hasn’t been a ton of chatter yet. This is in the greater scheme of things on the smaller spectrum of deals and those aren’t going to get as much coverage most of the time.

The best anyone can really do is tell you places he could fit, and while I could list like 8-10 of those for you, suffice to say this isn’t as narrow as looking for a team in need of a closer, in fact I doubt many teams would even see him as such.

Funny thing is, as good as he’s been, I don’t get the impression many of you are all that concerned about his possible departure anyhow.

Wait and see.

Tyler Anderson

OK so this should be the easiest deal. It might be harder to find a team that doesn’t want a quality lefty starter who is owed next to nothing.

New on the scene are the Phillies who hope to add some pitching and not break the bank. This is a good fit because the other left handed option they’re looking into is Cole Hamels who hasn’t pitched, let alone effectively in quite some time.

I singled out a team, but he could easily wind up just about anywhere.

Little chance he doesn’t get moved, he’s just been too consistent and far too affordable to not find a new home.

Expect this one late as I believe there will be some competition for his services. Could get a sneaky good return too. Rentals are rarely going to be a haul, but don’t overlook the power of need and scarcity.

Chris Stratton


And I know you don’t all see it. It’s not like he’s always perfect or an automatic 8th inning guy, but for what he does, specifically, gives you quality innings and not jut mop up, he is one of the very best.

There was a ton of concern on my part and I’m quite sure some potential trade partners too, that when the sticky stuff rules came to be, he might show some signs that he was using his fair share.

He has maintained his spin and continued to perform. I think Chris could be an underrated target this year. He has given the Pirates valuable innings, and with the uncertain territory a team like the Dodgers have he could help them survive less than ideal conditions and still be useful if they get healthy, err, um, not guilty?

Hey, I’m just guessing at that, but innings are very valuable as everyone contends with post COVID pitching.

Anything Else?

Not really. There are of course other players the Pirates would be willing to move, but nothing I see as very likely. If you really want someone else, Chad Kuhl could be interesting. He’s shown something in his last few starts but I still don’t believe a true top end contender will want to give chance there chance at a post season birth on his help.

I could see a team that’s reaching like Philly or Atlanta. They both could find his control next season as attractive and treat it as a good deal whether it helps this year or next, god forbid both.

And no, again, not Bryan Reynolds. Move on.

More to come.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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