Brewers Defeat Pirates 9-0, Luis Oviedo Rocked in First MLB Start

7-27-21 – By Gary Morgan

I mean, if you don’t score you can’t win. That said, if you give up 8 runs in two innings after the team has watched two, then three, then two, well still kinda three players moved in three days time, it’s not surprising not many looked like they were feeling it.

In fact Jacob Stallings and Ben Gamel provided all the offense tonight for the Bucs with their 4 hits.

Luis Oviedo started and just got touched up in his one inning of work, coughing up 6 Earned runs and 8 total. Nick Mears would follow and toss two scoreless, followed by Cody Ponce who through a brilliant 5 innings with only 3 hits and a walk. He basically had a great start tonight, just didn’t start it until the 4th.

Kyle Keller gave up a bomb to Tellez in the 9th to make it 9-0.

Let me leave you with one observation that had next to nothing to do with the score. Ben Gamel, Jacob Stallings and John Nogowski were the only position players who didn’t look like he’d rather be somewhere else. I don’t say that to paint others in a bad light, I say that instead to say, these types of players, guys who have themselves been cut, who have been traded in many cases. Veteran types who have an understanding that the family takes losses but together with the new players the family will rebound.

Gamel led by example. Diving for balls down 8-0. Taking good, intense at bats down 8-0. Hustling first to third on a single down 8-0. Feeling the weight of two friends being moved and another sitting in the dugout knowing he would soon join them. That’s what leaders do, that’s what leaders teach the future leaders to do.

Ben Gamel may be playing his only season as a Pirate, he may return next year, but one thing is for sure, in his time here, he is going to make an impact, because more talented players are on the way, when they get here, in order to maximize that talent, learning to play the game the way Gamel does would go miles.

Adrian Houser vs TBD tomorrow. This is going to be a long week.

News & Notes

  • As of this writing, the Tyler Anderson trade with the Philadelphia Phillies is officially on hold. There appears to be a health concern with one of the reported prospects the Pirates were receiving for the lefty starter. I’ll update the story when finalized details come in or a new trade is completed.
  • Rumors are hot for Richard Rodriguez, both the Blue Jays and Phillies are in contention reportedly. The Mets were mentioned early in the day but that has quieted.
  • I don’t think this means anything, but I have to note, Bryan Reynolds was removed from the game in the 9th. Didn’t seem to be injured. Really don’t believe he is on the block. Could just be being down 8-0. Could even be just as simple as wanting to let Oliva take some mileage off Bryan’s knees.
  • I’m struggling to understand why Ponce didn’t start this one. Hey, maybe being down 8-0 already when he came in gave him an opportunity to just pitch and he wouldn’t have started that nicely. Just seemed odd to force Oviedo into service if you have Ponce available.
  • Kyle Keller has given up 9 hits this season. 4 homeruns, 2 doubles.
  • The Broadcast referred to the crowd noise as Brewers fans cheering BREWS!!! but I think you know what was really raining down on the club. Evidenced by the Bronx cheer for Evans walking in the 9th.
  • Jandel Gustave the former Bucco pitched the 9th for the Brewers.

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