Buccos Blank The Phils, Just Like We All Expected

If I were the Pirates, I am not sure what the exact protocol would be for following up a trade deadline where you lost your most consistent hitter, a member of your starting rotation and your default closer; as well as getting swept by the Brew Crew-getting shut out twice. Now, I guess I know. You are supposed to combine for one hitter against your cross state rival Phillies, while putting up seven runs on twelve hits.

Prior to the game there was a strange scene, described by the Post Gazette’s Jason Mackey, where Richard Rodriguez came on to the field to an ovation from the Pirates players on the field. Was it in congratulations? Or was it because he was still there? Either way, within minutes notifications began to blow up on everyone’s phones that RichRod was on his way to Hotlanta.

This little scene, playing out in front of those inside PNC Park pretty much incapsulates the nature that is the MLB Trade Deadline. Teammates one minute, and then potential rivals, or at the very least players on completely different paths because of the standings in the blink of an eye.

As Gary wrote about last night, it might be easier for the guys left in the home dugout tonight to settle down and settle in for the remainder of the season without the distractions of who had already gone and who could be on their way out.

Now I’m not entirely sure if that’s what happened to the Pirates in their 7-0 victory over the Phillies, however, it was nice to see; especially when you consider many of the players who contributed.

News and Notes

  • Bryan “Don’t Call Me B-Rey” Reynolds started the scoring with a well struck triple in the bottom of the first. As the de facto most productive player left on the Pirates, what Reynolds does for the rest of the season could set a tone for the entire ball club. And as always it has to be said. #ExtendReynolds.
  • Wil Crowe was cruising, for the most part, through his entire six innings of work. Allowing only one hit, but walking four, Crowe pitched what was clearly the best game of his Major League career. Over his last seven starts he has posted a 4.04 ERA, a 1.40 WHIP and 3-1 record. Of course I know record doesn’t really matter as much as it used to in the analytics community; nevertheless, if you are giving your team a chance to win the majority of the time you take the mound, that still means something.
  • For a guy who was designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians after only 14 at bats, Ben Gamel has been a pleasant addition to the Pittsburgh Pirates Outfield. As a .8 WAR player with 200+ plate appearances, he is the perfect player for a rebuilding team to have in their lineup; consistently putting together professional at bats, playing solid defense and showing the younger players what it takes to remain in the league as a contributor to a Big League Club.
  • Yes, there were trades. One expected (RichRod) and a couple that were definitely off the board. Expect our insight coming very shortly concerning the final day of trades, and especially the returns.
  • On the draft front, the Pirates only have 3 players left unsigned with Sunday being the deadline to do so.

The Pirates will look to make it two in a row against the Phillies as JT Brubaker (4-10, 4.67 ERA) takes the mound against Aaron Nola (7-6, 4.37 ERA) at 7:05 PM EST on Saturday Night at PNC.

Published by Craig W. Toth

Former Contributing Author at InsidethePirates.com, Co-Host of the Bucs in the Basement Podcast and life-long/diehard Pittsburgh Pirates Fan!

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