Pirates Fall 2-1 in Well played and Pitched Ball Game Against Brewers

8-15-21 – By Gary Morgan – @garymo2007 on Twitter

Dillon Peters made his Pirates debut today. He’s not fully stretched out but today he threw 4.2 innings of 2 run ball, 1 earned.

He reminded me of Steven Brault in a way, fastball in the low 90’s, good changeup, all about the placement. He’s going to walk guys but not out of wildness as much as intentionally throwing borderline stuff. All in all, he was rather impressive today. Hey, 1 start doesn’t mean much when evaluating anyone, but it wasn’t a negative that’s for sure.

Now, the Pirates only scored one run today, but it was a manufactured run helped by Dillon Peters doing something I had begun to think was impossible, a sacrifice bunt. Ben Gamel would cash in the run to make it 2-1.

That’s how the game would end.

The Pirates ran into the buzz saw that reminds me a whole lot of the Nasty Boys bullpen of the 1990 Reds with Myers, Dibble and Charlton.

For the Brewers that combo is Boxberger, Williams and Hader.

People don’t like what Derek Shelton does with pulling starters early but what the Brewers are doing looks a bunch like what Tampa did last year (and this year) to win a bunch of games.

Starters go 4, 5, maybe 6 then turn it over to the buzz saw.

Have a guy that goes 4, fine, you have Brent Suter who can start in a pinch too. They’ve got a few guys like that.

The Brewers Pitching staff may not have an Ace that could take on a team like LA in the wild card, or even the Padres, but they can turn a game into a 6 inning affair real quick, so you better get your lead off that starter.

It’s a proven recipe, and while it won’t give you flashbacks to Nolan Ryan tossing 8 every time out, it just might get them a title.

For their part, the Pirates pen hung with them and put up zeros too. Not as automatic as the Brewers, honestly nobody is. Keller, Underwood, Stratton and Bednar combined for 4.1 scoreless. Again, this wasn’t a train wreck of a game, but the few miscues were large. (See Notes)

This was the last game against the Brewers this season for the Pirates, and thank god honestly.

They’ll start up in LA tomorrow night with Steven Brault taking the mound against nobody. The Dodgers are so confident they don’t even think they need a pitcher so they’ve left it at TBA.

Brewers defeat the Pirates 2-1.

News & Notes

  • The Pirates placed Bryse Wilson on the IL with arm fatigue today. Mike Persak reported that it sounded to him like it was just to get him some rest and there was no indication he would be out long term. Derek Shelton echoed that sentiment in the post game along with saying Dillon Peters would in fact get a second start.
  • Anthony Alford was placed on the IL with back tightness. A total coincidence that Ben Gamel returned from the IL today. Crazy right?
  • The Pirates signed Yoshitomo Tsutsugo today, they have yet to announce where he’ll be assigned but in AAA this year he’s slashed .257/.361/.507 and hit 10 homeruns in only 43 games. He’s played corner outfield, first base and third. The 29 year old former Japanese League star has not managed to catch on with the Rays or Dodgers in limited opportunity. Versatility, power potential, poor contact numbers and OBP, doesn’t hit arbitration until 2023 so plausibly a worthy reward if he turns out. I’d also say, in my eyes, he’s a long shot.
  • In the entire league, no reliever has thrown more innings than Duane Underwood Jr. So there’s that.
  • Rodolfo Castro had a couple poor plays today at second base. One he should have let go to Kevin Newman, instead fielding and throwing wildly to first base, aided by Moran slipping, and another a very wild relay throw. At bats are starting to look a bit sloppy too. As you all know well I love Castro, from way back, but it’s possible the adrenaline has run out and the need for some fine tuning has started to show itself.
  • The second run given up was aided by Polanco misreading a ball that sailed over his head for a double. Bad read, that simple. Looked catchable to me, but here I am on a couch. Wasn’t an error, but we might still be playing if it didn’t happen.
  • The Pirates have faced a ton of lefties lately and the club is loaded with left handed bats. Not a good combo.
  • Brent Suter has 12 Wins out of the Brewers bullpen this season. He’s a huge part of the formula.

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