Pirates Fall 4-3, Honoring the Homestead Grays

It looked for a while like both soft tossing lefty’s were going to battle each other to a 0-0 draw before turning it over to the bullpen. Dillon Peters continued to look like a steal of a pickup, and of course JA Happ who’s done little against the rest of the league got to feast on his favorite meal, Pirates.

The fifth inning however would change the narrative for both men. Dillon Peters got touched up for 3 runs giving up two doubles and a two run shot to Edman.

In the bottom half the Pirates would answer.

The Pirates would continue to chip away but couldn’t overcome the run given up by Underwood Jr., who’s actually been really solid of late. Even today this wasn’t about getting hit around.

Well played ballgame.

News & Notes

  • Yoshi Tsutsugo just keeps hitting. There isn’t much to complain about in regard to his pickup with the possible exception he’s jut auditioning for someone else. I still think if there is no DH in the NL, Yoshi would be a tough guy to carry all season.
  • Bryan Reynolds didn’t start this one, and it was felt. A game like this where Jacob Stallings hits 5th and goes 3 for 5, have to feel Reynolds in the lineup might have meant a run or two. It’s not worth complaining about, they value resting guys, and clearly don’t think they should stack that rest.
  • Michael Chavis had another hit last night, he’s shown well so far, couple notes though. First, his batting average and OBA have very little separation, really needs to work on that a bit. Second, his glove wasn’t something that he was known for. Pedestrian at best, but he’s been really really good so far manning second base. That’s an important part of him becoming a viable option.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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