Pirates Overcome Nationals 10-7

9-12-21 – By Gary Morgan – @garymo2007 on Twitter

I knew this day was coming, everyone did if we’re honest. It’s been in the back of our minds for weeks if not months now. I told myself this is a baseball site, and I had no reason to write about anything other than baseball.

Then I thought, well maybe I can write about baseball being part of the aftermath, George Bush’s first pitch, the Subway series, the air of emotion all over the stadium when the games resumed.

I just couldn’t.

I sat here staring at my screen, thinking of ways to make my scrambled thoughts come together and mix with my emotions to somehow land on a baseball column, but all I could think about was how incredibly fresh this wound still is.

The unity of the aftermath was a warm hug. And as we read the names you never hear Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Pro-Choice, Pro-life, after each one, or any of the things that make us all different, just Americans.

The Pirates put together a pregame event that really showcased that, and I’ll be honest, I needed it, truly touching, truly beautiful.

Now, as to the game itself, Wil Crowe started off very well, dominant even through three innings, unfortunately he was not capable facing the lineup twice, a theme we’ve seen with him repeatedly leading many to categorize him as a bullpen candidate.

He would only last 4 innings, responsible for 3 earned runs and the bullpen would leak in 4 more over the course of the game.

But the Pirates brought the wood. Well, the Pirates brought patience predominantly, drawing 10 walks and putting up 10 runs with only 7 hits as the Nationals kicked the ball around on top of giving up free bases.

Remember the Posey Rule? Well this is when it applies.

After the Nationals took a 5-2 lead off Crowe and Banda…

And of course Gamel…

The Pirates would add more as the Nationals completely imploded in the 6th.

10-7 and after the 6th this thing was never really in doubt.

News & Notes

  • Welcome back Steelers! Have a great season.
  • That’s 23 homeruns and a 5.1 WAR for Bryan Reynolds this season. 150 hits, .300 average, he’s every bit the star Juan Soto is for the Nationals.
  • Hoy Park was on base 4 times with 3 walks and a base hit. He’s been quiet since returning from AAA and it was good to see him get back to being patient.
  • Yoshi Tsutsugo walked 3 times in this one.
  • The sample size is just too small, but it’s been a different offensive team for the most part since letting Rich Eckstein go. I can’t imagine this is anything more than it just happening, but at the end of the year if it continues it’s certainly going to be a talking point.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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