Pirates Lose 9-5 After Leading 5-0 Early to Reds

9-20-21 – By Gary Morgan – @garymo2007 on Twitter

The Pirates have lost a ton of different ways this season, but not often have they coughed up a blowout. Tonight, that’s exactly what happened.

Early in the game starter Dillon Peters was cruising, 2 clean innings while the Reds Vladimir Gutierrez was serving up batting practice. To the tune 5-0 entering the bottom of the third.

First Yoshi,

Then Reynolds hit number 24 on the season…

The two would combine again to knock in a couple more and everything added up to a healthy 5-0 Pirates lead with a cruising pitcher.

Peters came out and quickly got two more outs, then walked the pitcher, and then the Reds brought 4 runs worth of two out magic including Joey Votto’s first strut around the base paths of the evening, a night that would eventually bring him two dingers.

The Pirates bullpen couldn’t hold the slim 1 run lead for long, in the fifth they touched up Cody Ponce in his second inning for 2.

A scoreless inning from Overton was followed by Kyle Keller and Enyel (don’t call me Yerry) De Los Santos recently claimed off waivers combined to give up another 3 in 2 innings, one on a balk after actually getting the 3rd out first. Not kidding.

Yes tonight the Pirates bullpen looked like the United States trying to win the war on drugs. You know, they did their best but a whole bunch leaked in anyway.

Reds Defeat Pirates 9-5.

News & Notes

  • Dillon Peters has been impressive since coming to the Pirates but he only lasted three tonight and got straight up touched up in the 3rd tonight. All in all he’s a positive story but this wasn’t a very good result.
  • Kyle Overton still has an ERA of zero.
  • Say what you want about Joey Votto, he’s a dying breed. A good player who had the ability to change his game to account for losing a step to keep himself valuable even at his age. He’s also done it all in one town. Not a common happening in today’s game. It’s also good to remember, the only reason he annoys us so much is because he’s been a part of like 4 distinct Reds units we despised.
  • Yoshi again, homerun and a big single and RBI too. What can you say, dude can hit
  • Jacob Stallings has been placed on the 7 day Concussion IL. Tyler Davis has been recalled from AAA to backup Michael Perez. So this next stretch of games might just prove my fear of returning with Perez next year out.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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