Why Roansy? Why Now?

9-29-21 – By Gary Morgan – @garymo2007 on Twitter

Hey, first things first, I’m not complaining.

I wanted to see the Pirates do something like this as opposed to continuing to trot out bullpen games and pretending limping through the finish line would be enough. Now, I thought Roansy wasn’t going to be an option, both because of his injury this season and the fact he’d barely played in AAA.

So, the why now question is pretty easy, they needed an arm, one that hadn’t hit his innings limit, and dare I say, one that fans might actually want to see. That’s a little too Disney feel good for me if I’m honest, but the fact is, without that factor this realistically doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Another factor is that he’s a 40-man member and don’t glaze past this one. Options are limited and for once this is an easy choice. Really look at the other options in AAA, James Marvel? Maybe? That’s a guy who could easily come up here but let’s assume they actually want a real contribution, which one do you have more faith in getting a 5 inning performance out of?

I really can’t do a better job of explaining why at this point, even if someone asks they’ll simply say they wanted to get the kid a taste of MLB, might even go as far as to say he’s earned it.

Now, you want to guess as to what it could mean? Tell you what, this could easily be a signal that Contreras being in the mix this Spring isn’t 100% out of the question. I’ll be blunt that’s not something I considered even in the realm of possibility. Not because he isn’t talented enough, simply thought it was a bit too early.

No doubt I’m getting too far in front of myself, it’s just one start after all, but this isn’t a guy they don’t care about, so everything they do with him matters to some degree. Everything they do with him deserves examination because one day it’ll be part of the record that led to his success or failure and that’s interesting.

We also must keep ourselves from going nuts regardless of how he does in this start. If he kills it, it doesn’t make him a lock next Spring, if he gets killed it doesn’t make him another failure. I get the impression that a full season of anointing him the next great hope will buy him a fan base that gives him the benefit of doubt. That said, for every dumb take there is someone willing to speak it.

Lastly, enjoy this. There haven’t been many instances of call ups this season including prospects who matter. This is one. and it should be a whole lot of fun, despite the performance coming in defense of avoiding that 99th loss this year.

It’s not make or break to be sure, but it is an honest to god look at the future. For one night, let go, sit back and watch a real talent showcase what he has on the biggest stage he’s ever performed.

There’s only one day left in September and it finally feels like September.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

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