Everyone Has An Agenda

2-5-22 By Craig W. Toth (aka @BucsBasement On Twitter)

As I glance across the current landscape of Major League Baseball-and more accurately the social media side of things-I am immediately transported back in time to the playgrounds of my youth; where two young boys are arguing over who’s dad could beat up the other’s. Although neither of them has likely seen their father in physical altercation, both hold steadfast in their belief, that if given the opportunity their Dad would be able to physically belittle nearly any other man on the planet; mostly based on the experience of having their Dad lift them over his head, or carry them upstairs-flung over their shoulder-with little to no effort throughout their childhood.

Whether they are right or wrong it makes no difference, because in the end the chances of the fight actually taking place are slim to none. Yet, they still argue; fully committed to a preconceived notion that is very loosely based in fact. Heels dug in, nearly ready to fight each other; often ignoring anything that could be used to show they are incorrect in any way.

Quite few years down the road these same two boys find themselves on opposite sides of a classroom debate. Naturally, as is almost always the case, each young man has taken a position that is nearly a perfect match for a previously established ideology concerning the topic at hand.

In another hotly contested back and forth points are made from all directions in an attempt to prove that they are the one who’s argument is valid. Once again, practically all reasoning is out the window. The only thing that matters is the desire to emerge victorious.

Which brings us to present day, and the current contentious CBA negotiations between MLB and the MLBPA; or in essence the two little boys all grown up. But, only now they have each have groups of crusaders on either side of aisle, with the majority firmly entrenched in the players’ camp; as leaks of information are tossed around wildly from the rival PR Machines, in attempt to garner support. Meanwhile, individual combatants gather their own findings-sometimes in an exaggerated manner-to support the cause; adding it into the already muddied waters with reckless abandon

Then there’s those of us in the middle, who judge and ultimately challenge both sides with a balanced approach, or at least what we believe to be equal; ultimately being seen as bootlicker by many, when honestly I couldn’t care less about MLB’s Owners or the MLBPA being seen as more right and just.

But, unfortunately everyone has an agenda; even me. I write for a Pittsburgh Pirates Blog and have a Pittsburgh Pirates Podcast; not a Bradenton Marauders, Greensboro Grasshoppers, Altoona Curve or Indianapolis Indians Blog and Podcast. Fans just aren’t as interested in what is going on down in the Minor Leagues; especially in the Pirates Fanbase.

So, just like almost every other baseball fan I sit and wait for any bit of news concerning the CBA Negotiations to drop on my feed; even though it usually contains the spin of which side is more wrong, or who cares more.

And, in that instant all I can hear is, “My Dad could beat up your Dad!”

Published by Craig W. Toth

Former Contributing Author at InsidethePirates.com, Co-Host of the Bucs in the Basement Podcast and life-long/diehard Pittsburgh Pirates Fan!

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