Roansy Contreras Gets the Call Up

4-9-22 – By Gary Morgan – @garymo2007 on Twitter

Well, it’s earlier than anyone would have assumed, but Roansy Contreras is getting the call up to the big club following the injury to Duane Underwood Jr.

He’s going to be in the bullpen, at least to start, and no, it’s not a big deal or a mistake.

First, he’s just as stretched out as anyone is so it’s not like it means he’d typically throw 5 or 6 innings and now he can only go 1 or 2. It also doesn’t mean he won’t be a starter moving forward, plenty of top prospects have throughout the years like Walker Buehler or even David Price if you want to go back a ways.

Now, things could change of course, but I’d bet Roansy is good for about 100-120 innings this year max this season, and let’s just be blunt, that’s not a full season of starts. If everything goes right someone is healthy really soon and he goes back down to really get a crack at stretching out.

Maybe Brubaker get’s another turn or two and the team decides it’s time to make a switch. Either way, just about everyone is stretched out to right around the same level at this point, if anything Contreras is probably a bit behind.

Now, why would the Pirates call up their top pitching prospect to fill a bullpen hole?

This answer is easier than you’d like at this point of the season, he’s the only member of the 40-man who is healthy and available. I highly doubt calling him up was their first choice.

They could have just left the pitching staff at 13 and brought up an extra position player, but they are staring down the barrel at 16 games in 16 days and that wouldn’t be prudent.

Look, it ‘s not the pageantry you dream of where they hype their stud coming up and taking his place in the rotation, but be really honest with yourself, this is what’s happening all around the league with top pitching prospects.

I get why it’s not as much fun, but I see it this way, it’s a couple innings at the beginning of the game or it’s a couple innings during a game.

Either way, I sincerely doubt this is the last time we’ll have a call up for this young fella, and when he comes up next time, he’ll get all the pomp and circumstance he’s supposed to get.

If you want to be mad at the Pirates, hell who doesn’t, be mad about the fact that out of all the moves they’ve made they let themselves get into a position where they only had one more healthy pitcher on the 40-man. That’s the stupid part, not the utilization of a young arm.

Adonis Medina who the Pirates just picked up was designated for assignment and ultimately dealt to the Mets for cash. Given the situation the Pirates clearly had to know one injury and they’d be in this situation. I’m sure they didn’t expect it on opening day but if it can happen, it will.

If I’m the Pirates, I’d have preferred to cut the cord on someone else like Alford, or dare I say, Chavis, Park, VanMeter, whatever. Give a spot to someone like Beau Sulser instead.

Don’t like those options? Well, you’re watching the alternative.

Here’s where I am. Congrats Roansy! Welcome back to the show, and the next step in your journey to becoming a top shelf starting pitcher in MLB, even if that’s not where you start.

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

One thought on “Roansy Contreras Gets the Call Up

  1. Spot on. The stupid part is absolutely having so little pitching on the 40-man while clutching to the projects that won’t work out.

    I cannot help but keep thinking there has to be a way to reduce pitcher injuries. The levels seem way too high. Some have posed moving back the mound and other measures, but I feel like guys are going to try to throw their hardest no matter what. I don’t know the answer, but there have to be trainers and doctors who do.

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