Why Can’t the Pirates Lineup Just Make Sense

4-10-22 – By Gary Morgan – @garymo2007 on Twitter

Believe it or not, I don’t expect to agree with every move made by the Pirates. I certainly don’t expect to agree with every move Derek Shelton makes, but is it too much to ask that the lineup at least make some semblance of sense?

Because Shelton seemingly has to change the lineup every day, it stands to reason he’s going to bingo card his way into creating one everyone hates at some point, but perhaps at some point, conventional wisdom needs to win out over the allure of the analytics gods.

Daniel Vogelbach is not a leadoff hitter.

I don’t want to see it anymore personally. The Cardinals announcers seem to almost feel bad for us, and by us I mean we the fans. They offer solutions side by side with condolences.

I don’t have to start screaming about how terrible a player he is, its easy to see on this roster, he’s not the biggest issue, but at leadoff, he’s not in the best position to help. I’ve heard all the arguments of course, he sees a bunch of pitches, he walks a lot, his OBP is good. OK, but he’s slow, and it sets up bases clogging situations like we saw yesterday where it took 3 singles and a sac fly to score a run.

So he gets credit for getting on base of course, but c’mon, it can’t take three straight base hits and a sac fly to score a run.

2-4 are good. Reynolds, Hayes and Yoshi, hey, that works for me, and it seems it’s being left alone for the most part. As it should. Set those three up to actually drive someone in.

I’m kinda tired of the Shelton doesn’t have anyone argument that essentially says we can’t really criticize his lineups because the talent isn’t there. OK, but before my wife and I got established in our lives nobody told me it’s cool that dinner sucked tonight dad, we know you don’t have the resources yet.

I’ll admit he doesn’t have a perfect fit, but at least put some speed up there. I understand you’re all tired of Kevin Newman and Cole Tucker but if they’re going to play anyway, screw it at least they won’t clog the bases. Hell put Hoy Park up there.

Put Vogelbach in the other spot that continuously makes no sense the 5 spot. We’ve now seen Josh VanMeter and Kevin Newman there which from a run production standpoint makes no sense.

I could get into who should be here versus who’s here now but I don’t even think it needs to be that deep of a conversation to suggest these lineups just don’t make sense.

I guess I’m getting tired of trying to take a bunch of parts and try to win by being cute. Just do what actually looks right for once.

Here’s what I’d do with the given parts and pieces.

  1. Ben Gamel LF
  2. Bryan Reynolds CF
  3. Ke’Bryan Hayes 3B
  4. Yoshi Tsutsugo DH
  5. Michael Chavis 1B
  6. Diego Castillo 2B
  7. Roberto Perez C
  8. Kevin Newman SS
  9. Cole Tucker RF

Is it great? Oh hell no, but it makes more sense. It works in more potential for scoring runs at the top.

I’m painfully aware I’m shuffling the lineup for a minimal improvement or at least the potential for it, but I just can’t take laughing at my team from the first pitch because they think they have to put a 270 lb man in the leadoff spot. I’m not even saying he’s worthless, but Daniel Vogelbach isn’t a leadoff hitter and it’s been the early on running gag across the league and overt poster child for ineptitude.

We have enough reasons to be embarrassed, how about one less unforced error huh Shelty?

Published by Gary Morgan

Former contributor for Inside the Pirates an SI Team Channel

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t the Pirates Lineup Just Make Sense

  1. Also agree here. When I first saw the lineup with Newman batting 5th I just thought, Why? That makes no sense. Does Shelton even know what he’s doing?

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