Pushing The Pirates Through The Dog Days


Why is Roansy Contreras really in the minors? Are some Pirates fans actually rooting against Bryse Wilson? What is Tucupita Marcano’s destiny in 2023? We answer all of those questions, laugh about a well-timed picture with Bob Nutting, and get you through the dog days of summer in “30 Minutes of Pirates Talk.”

Brought to you by ShopYinzz.com! Craig Toth covers the Pirates for Inside The Bucs Basement, and joins his buddy Chris at a 9-foot homemade oak bar to talk Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball. Listen. Subscribe. Share. We are “For Fans, By Fans & All Pirates Talk.” THE Pirates Fan Podcast found EVERYWHERE podcasts can be found and always at BucsInTheBasement.com!

Published by Craig W. Toth

Former Contributing Author at InsidethePirates.com, Co-Host of the Bucs in the Basement Podcast and life-long/diehard Pittsburgh Pirates Fan!

2 thoughts on “Pushing The Pirates Through The Dog Days

  1. Man, I can’t understand wanting to see fail a 24-year-old starter with potential to be a good starter. That’s a different level from “I think we’ve seen enough of this guy.”

    I saw from a friend the brief clip of the fan in that “sell the team” shirt. That was funny for sure, and from what I saw, Nutting seemed to take it in stride–whatever that’s worth.


    1. It could be shtick just to get likes or follows on social media, but I have definitely seen people on the edge of actively rooting against Wilson, Newman, ETC.

      Absolutely a funny moment.


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