The Pirates Top 5 Five Tool Players of All Time

Everyone that reads almost anything I write or listens to my podcast with my buddy Chris, Bucs in The Basement, knows that I am a prospect junkie. Today I am going to step out of my element a little bit, but I am going to take a part of my passion with me. In theContinue reading “The Pirates Top 5 Five Tool Players of All Time”

Identifying Talent in The Draft: The Job of a MLB GM

In one of my first articles on our new site I discussed the unique nature of the MLB June Amateur Draft. In a period of 12 years following the turn of this century there were 17,925 players selected in the MLB Draft. Of those almost 18,000 players, approximately 66% percent of them signed with aContinue reading “Identifying Talent in The Draft: The Job of a MLB GM”

Through The Prospect PortHole: Braeden Ogle

I often hear Pittsburgh Pirates fans talk about a void that exists in the Farm System as it pertains to quality pitching prospects, especially left handed pitchers. They make it seem like there are absolutely zero left handed hurlers, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am not going to pretend like it wouldn’tContinue reading “Through The Prospect PortHole: Braeden Ogle”

Inside The Replay Room: The Tale of the Nefarious J.T. Watkins

On October 28, 2018 as the Boston Red Sox hoisted their 9th World Series Title in Los Angeles, hero Alex Cora with his hands on the trophy, there was a man in the shadows. Unbeknownst to anyone, replay room staffer and advanced scouting assistant J.T. Watkins was either giving high fives to all of hisContinue reading “Inside The Replay Room: The Tale of the Nefarious J.T. Watkins”

Top O’The Metric To Yinz: Avoiding The Swing and Miss

In my first article in this series I dove deep into the exciting stat of BB% for hitters. The clear positives of a high BB% are obviously, getting on base and potentially allowing yourself to be able to receive more hittable pitches. The precise benefits of a low K% are not always as apparent. StrikeoutsContinue reading “Top O’The Metric To Yinz: Avoiding The Swing and Miss”

From The Crows Nest: The Chicago Cubs Farm System

The once highly touted Chicago Cubs Farm System of the early to mid 2010’s has fallen from grace and is currently ranked in the bottom third of the league in every experts’ opinions, landing at #23 according to MLB Pipeline. I have even seen them as low as 29th on one list. This is hardContinue reading “From The Crows Nest: The Chicago Cubs Farm System”

Top O’The Metric To Yinz: Patient at the Plate

Throughout the years certain stats have been considered to be on the forefront or more highly regarded by experts. For the longest time Batting Average, Home Runs and Runs Batted In were thought of as the gold standard for judging a player’s ability, hence the Triple Crown. Now I am not downplaying these stats andContinue reading “Top O’The Metric To Yinz: Patient at the Plate”

The Path Of A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan

The Seed is Planted: The 1985 Pittsburgh Pirates Children are a finicky lot of characters to say the least. Their favorite foods change week to week, day to day and most times minute to minute, their favorite televisions ebb and flow along with the latest trends and they thrive off of instant gratification, as well asContinue reading “The Path Of A Pittsburgh Pirates Fan”

Through The Prospect Port Hole: Juan Jerez

After a quick trip back to the states to profile right handed pitching prospect Colin Selby, my attention was drawn back to the Dominican Summer League and the Pirates1 squad. I understand that it is very hard to project the abilities of a 16 or 17 year old kid, but what are you supposed toContinue reading “Through The Prospect Port Hole: Juan Jerez”

The 2020 MLB Amateur Draft: The Pittsburgh Pirates Top 2 Picks

In an agreement between Major League Baseball (aka Rob Manfred) and the MLB Players Association (aka Tony Clark) a compromise was reached concerning the 2020 “June” Amateur Draft. This arrangement allows Manfred to move the draft back to as late as July 20th, to cut the number of rounds from 40 to as little asContinue reading “The 2020 MLB Amateur Draft: The Pittsburgh Pirates Top 2 Picks”