Know Your Enemies – Preseason Edition

This piece represents volume 1 of a monthly series that focuses on how the Pirates competition in the NL Central is trending. Both from a prospect development and MLB product standpoint. Knowing where your team is headed, at least partially is about where your division mates are headed. Corey’s attention to detail on this stuff I think you’ll find intriguing. Enjoy!

Poppin’ Rolaids: A Call to the Pen

The Pirates bullpen has been mentioned quite a few times on social media lately. Combining this “buzz” with the Pirates deadline acquisitions, I thought it would be worth taking a tour through the bullpen options currently on the team as well as some in the minor leagues.

Pottery Barn: The 2022 Draft, an Exercise in Patience and Trust

I have spent some time trying to gather as much information as is available on the Pirates 2022 draftees. There is a significant amount of virtual ink spilled on the Bucs top pick, Termarr Johnson. That one is easy. To a lesser extent, information is readily available on several other early picks. And that is great for baseball fans!