Five Pirates Thoughts at Five 6-14-21

A 7 game losing streak isn’t fun, and it’s not possible to watch it, even if you expected it, without at least asking a few questions. This isn’t a good baseball team, and if you ask me the frustration is ramped up because for the first time since game one, this team has most of their best components. So of all times to go on a stretch like this, it seems at the very least odd. It also doesn’t help bad decisions were partially responsible, this team doesn’t need help from the instructors to fail.

Would an Extension Change Pirates Fan Relationship With the Team?

Before I dig in on this subject, there is nothing that will have real lasting effect on the fan base like winning. While it doesn’t feel like it at times, I think it’s easy to accept that Ben Cherington wants to do.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five 6-7-21

The Pirates can at the very least provide some fun baseball to watch. The bullpen has been really good all season and while it isn’t to be confused with the top teams in the league this lineup, healthy, can hang with a decent amount of teams and keep them in most games. Oh yeah, they’ll move some more players, but the most important parts are likely here for a while.