Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

We’re down to a little over 2 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to camp and the next season officially starts. All the talk, all the player moves, all the panic about potential player moves, everything will transition to on the field questions.

A Better Team, but They Still Have Work to Do

All the signs that this team is ready to show some improvement, and win games with much more regularity are there. The players feel it, the coaches feel it, even many fans feel it, but at some point while watching it play out, I can’t help but feel that GPS is going to remind us there’s still some travel to do.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

There isn’t much the Pirates could do on paper that would merit the response they received for signing Andrew McCutchen, but when you focus on the field, or what this team could actually get done this year, it’s arguably not even in the top 5.

Pirates DFA Miguel Andujar to Make Room for Andrew McCutchen

On Friday the Pirates hosted one of the most joyous press conferences they’ve had in years. Sure you could jump back to the Ke’Bryan Hayes extension, everyone was certainly happy, but nothing quite like Andrew McCutchen coming home.

5 Pirates Thoughts at 5

Even as I look out the window in my Pittsburgh home at the frost covered ground, it’s hard to not have my sights set on Spring Training. Baseball is as associated with the seasons changing as the weather itself and when you finally get to the point where the team itself looks ready to change…well, it adds another layer of anticipation.

The Pirates Roster is Different, Can We Expect Results to be As Well?

Changes aren’t new, we’ve seen that prior to 2021, 2022 and even 2020 albeit to a lesser degree. So as we sit here about a month away from the first act of 2023 to get underway with pitchers and catchers reporting, lets talk about what this season could bring.

Cutch is Back! Pirates in Agreement on 1 Year Deal

You’ve all heard, Cutch is Back, here’s what it means to me, and the team. I’ll look at what it does to the roster, opportunity, and everything else. Had a blast writing this one.