The Pirates are Already Doing Some Things Better than Last Season

This team is projected to be in the bottom third of the league, that’s more than true since most predicted they’d be in the bottom 4 or 5 teams overall, but when it’s this early I like to look at it in thirds.

Wil and Pete’s Excellent Adventure

The Pirates haven’t been accused of pushing the right buttons often over the past few seasons, but the handling of the pitching staff early on and the emergence of Dillon Peters and Wil Craig is the early season story none of us should be taking our eyes off of.

The Starting Rotation Should Evolve Soon

JT Brubaker toed the rubber in the Pirates unofficial house of horrors last night, confident everything would finally come together for him. He pitched with a good pace, firing the ball back to Roberto Perez seemingly seconds after receiving it and had genuinely good stuff all night.

Prospects Aren’t Sure Things, Even When They Reach the League

The new pastime here in Pittsburgh seems to be the constant cries for prospects to come up to the MLB team and then to ensure they play every inning of every game or fill the exact role deemed appropriate for each and every one of them.