Pirates DFA Castillo, Making Room for Austin Hedges

I don’t look at an individual DFA and then immediately rush to the 40-man and start picking players I think are worse than him who could have gone first, I look at a series of things about the construction of the 40-man that make this player in particular expendable.

Is Rodolfo Castro a Placeholder, or the Real Deal?

I’m taking these in no particular order, just who interests me in the moment, or guys that I think could either turn into fixtures after this year or find themselves getting pushed aside. The really cool thing about covering a team in this stage of a rebuild is the different places players are in.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

It’s hard to believe when you really sit back and think about it, it’s already Christmas week. It should be a relatively quiet week in baseball, but we all remember the Christmas Eve that Ben Cherington pulled off the Josh Bell move and I had to explain to my wife why I was writing during It’s a Wonderful Life.

The Pirates Rotation – Who’s in Play? What Decisions Need Made?

It might be early for this. I mean it’s the middle of December so we have no way of knowing entirely what this list will look like by Spring Training. That said, I think there is value in understanding not only the player names, but also the stage of career each is in.

What is Jack Suwinski? We’re about to Find Out

If I told you the Pirates would call up a rookie this year directly from AA Altoona, he’d play excellent defense in all three outfield positions, and he’d hit 19 homeruns in 336 at bats you’d probably think you have a potential all star on your hands right?

Mid Week – 5 Pirates Thoughts

Ya know, I sat down to try to figure how I was going to cover all the news and notes from the Winter Meetings, and it just made a whole bunch of sense to build it into this format. I’ve easily got 5 thoughts, and none of the 5 are worth a full blown piece on their own.