Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

Busy weekend. I typically try to write at least one piece over the weekend but this one I just couldn’t make it work. Then again, why should I care more than a team still employing Josh VanMeter and still digging around on waiver wires and AAA trade boards to find guys like Jose Godoy, oh, I mean “This Catcher”? I just refuse to learn a 59th name.

Changes Need to Come, but Not Just on the Field

I don’t know when every move is coming, but I’m sure later today someone like Tucapita Marcano will replace someone like Yoshi Tsutsugo or Josh VanMeter on the roster. That’ll of course be welcomed by everyone with open arms, if not frustration that it took so long, but it’s also not the change that this team needs most.

Five Pirates Thoughts at Five

What a weird time to be writing one of these. I mean, it’s Monday, it’s 5:00 PM, but there is just so much uncertainty out there what with the trade deadline tomorrow. I mean I could turn this into a prediction piece, maybe it’ll wind up one of those where I have to add a 6th or 7th point because trades won’t quit rolling in.

Everything Oneil Cruz Does Creates an All Out Fight, Enough Already

This is just a prospect. Learning to/trying to make the jump from AAA player to MLB player. Some don’t ever make that leap, few make it easily, fewer still become stars from the jump.

Sellers for 4th Straight Year, Fan Frustration is Justified

For a team that always references getting better, I’d settle for hearing one of them say for once that they’re sick of losing. Not that they’d prefer to win. Not that they’d like to improve, but specifically, WE ARE SICK OF LOSING.

And the First Domino Falls – Daniel Vogelbach Sent to the Mets for Reliever with Upside and Control

Yesterday, right before the game started the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Mets swung an even up deal of Major League players. The Pirates sent Daniel Vogelbach and the Mets sent Colin Holderman, a right handed reliever with really good stuff, a short sample of success and 6 years of contol.