Pirates Middle Infield, Many Options, Zero Locks

When I think about all the things the Pirates have to make decisions on this off season, I keep coming back to all the variables they have in the Middle Infield. It’s a different problem than they had last off season, and they purposefully made it this way by acquiring four new options at the trade deadline, all with ticking clocks.

The Evolving Pitching Market – How it Could Effect the Pirates

As noted by many of you all season long, you really hate what has become of the role of starting pitchers. Some of you primarily watch the Pirates so the ire stopped with disliking Derek Shelton’s handling of the pitching staff. Some of you have looked a little deeper and come to understand it was a farther reaching change in the game itself.

Who Are the Ten Best Pirates Free Agent Signings in the Nutting Era?

Couple of friends of mine on Twitter were talking about how unrealistic the Free Agent signing suggestions are for this club on social media, so I thought, hey, why not come up with the top 10 since Nutting officially took over as owner here in Pittsburgh.

The Pirates Need to Take a Step Forward, It Simply Won’t Happen Without Investment

Craig and I put out our first pass at the 40-man roster. It was intentionally left as is with very few changes because we believe if you don’t tell and show people the problems they’ll never understand the things that have to happen, or the difficulties they present.